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I, Evangeline Wheeler, field agent of the secret order Talamasca, bestow upon you, Marius de Romanus, this seal. This shall be a sign to all, that you are a friend of the order. And in the event that you are in peril or in need you will be granted the full aid and protection of the Talamasca.

But of course. And I to you promise the same.


Submitted: The New Movie Adaptation


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If Hollywood by a miracle, actually does make a new series of Vampire Chronicles movies, who would you want to have the role of you, Marius? I'm just curious and I think it would be somewhat difficult to find a perfect Marius since the actor has to look noble and kind.(like you :) ) And also why would you want that person to play you?

My hope is that the writers find a way in which to remove me from the storyline completely. I tire of these decades of overexposure and watching others play me and fail to understand my intricacies. I do not think anyone can play me. Most men who are of a noble and kind disposition are much older than I am in human years. Call it vanity, but I do not want an older man playing me. I’m only an estimated (changes in calendars complicate things) 34 or 35. The actors they give me are decades older than I am. It’s bothersome because I am vain.


Submitted: Pseudonym

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Why is Anne Rice your pseudonym? Why is she your representative?

She could see us; through her pain and her doubt, she truly understood what we are and that we are not demonic, evil creatures meant to stay in the shadows out of shame of our monstrosity. That we are not all heartless predators of the innocent, the pure.

No, we are men and women of heart and soul, no less than a human. Humans are evil and cruel too, capable of terrible things, and so why should we be judged that there are amongst us those who are the same? Most of us are civilised and only want to live quiet, normal lives, desiring no interference in the human world. Mrs. Rice wished to give us that peace, that dignity, to turn us from monsters of myth.

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