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  1. Honoured Marius,

    it is a nice surprise to discovered this place already before a while. Are you motivated to be written down here her thoughts?
    I often have such a need to inform others with my thoughts. With the time I did this more and more less. What is it that it makes to me so attractively to write here now? A reason is evident to me. It will warm up my heart if you talk here with me.


    1. I think that I am lonely, Sarah, sometimes. I need some medium through which to connect with people. I subject myself to frequent isolation, and I am happy, but what kind of life is it?

      1. Thank you, Marius
        what kind of life is it?
        I understand not enough from a life how you live it. But, I make thoughts about it. I think to live in loneliness, or to be lonely … and be happy nevertheless, is something that one learns in the course of the time.
        Or it is like a gift?

        Here this place is a possibility. A medium. I believe, you are not alone to choose this place to bridge the loneliness.

        1. I hold myself in suitable reserve. It is a way to reach out, but only so far. What a delicate balance though, this introversion and then the weighty isolation, constantly standing on either side of a slowly tipping scale until it gets so low I stride to the other side and wait to sink again.

          My life is a gift, my nature is a constant annoyance.

          But I am happy and the company of those who bear me is happiness indeed.

  2. Dear Marius,

    how are you? Is this site still under construction?
    I am glad to have found this place here from you. My heart will feel new aroused if we speak here together.


    1. Thank you, Sarah. It is still under construction. I’ve had too little time recently to devote here, but I promise to begin where this has left off.

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