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Musei Vaticani

From September 7 through to October 26, the Vatican museum is scheduling night openings. These tours will be held from 7pm to 11pm every Friday night. I encourage everyone who can to take advantage of this. The Vatican at night is an entirely different unique and beautiful experience.

Vatican Museum ticket
Vatican Museum ticket

From the Museu Vaticani website:


Dopo la pausa estiva i Musei Vaticani tornano ad essere visitabili anche nelle ore serali. Dal prossimo 7 settembre e fino al 26 ottobre, le gallerie pontificie saranno aperte oltre il consueto orario, ogni venerdì, dalle 19 alle 23, con la speciale rassegna di eventi musicali “Che c’è di Bello?”.


After the summer break, it will again be possible to visit the Vatican Museums in the evening. From 7 September until 26 October the Pope’s galleries will be open after the usual closing hours every Friday evening from 19.00 to 23.00, and will feature a special season of musical events entitled “Che c’è di Bello?”.

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