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Reliably informed

I have been, as noted above, reliably informed that I have all the relatability of an 8am physics lecture on time, space, and matter. I find no such similarity. I offered to let her write her own feelings and opinions, if it should please her, so that I will no longer have to listen to them, as would please me. There really is no good reason I should be the middle-man for her malcontent.

Perhaps she will take me up on the offer in the near future, in which case I would imagine being the object of considerably less negativity.

Should I talk about more “every day” style things? Movies I watch? I went to the theatre to see the Hobbit last night, and then I sat at home and watched Prometheus. Television shows I like? My favourite television show is Doctor Who and I anxiously await the Christmas special. Trivial things I do like shop? Before seeing the Hobbit, I purchased a number of books and toys for Christmas donation. I also bought a copy of Claudia’s Story because why not?

And I don’t feel any of those details make me any more relatable than an extensive post about Roman inscription.

12 thoughts on “Reliably informed

  1. Marius my love, as always, you think too much. 😉 I love to read the deep and knowledge stuff just like, as you call it, the “every day” stuff. Nothing is trivial, my dear. Everything is important, and this is all a part of you. You should know that, old man. 😉 😉

    I think it’s a good mix what you write, it is really interesting and your writing style is awsome! You impress me with your knowledge and your passion for any rome thing in the world. I dig passion! Of course, for some topics I need more time to read, simply because of my poor english skills xD

    Besides, we two never stick on one topic. We run from pillar to post and that´s cool. ^^

    By the way, I know that Michelle reads every word of you with pleasure. 😀

    Conclusion: Don’t ponder what others maybe want to read, write what your heart tells you. That’s really perfect. Be sure, we are here and listen.

    Oh, yesterday we have done the same. I went to the theatre to see the Hobbit last night as well.

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    1. “Marius my love, as always, you think too much.”

      I hear that phrase a lot.

      Does she? Well then she must know that I read her every word with as much pleasure, and yours, too.

      Did you enjoy the movie?

      1. Ha. No suprise. But I hope you have no worries anymore. Don’t ponder too much, just let it go and rock!

        Yes she does. Michelle can be passionate but she is still a bit more calm as I am. When I’m excited about something I say and show it normally. My euphoria can be a bit self-indulgent. *blush* Michelle says she loves my great passion, and my pure and open love. ^^

        Ah grazie, you flatter me.

        Jaaaaaa I enjoy it very much!
        OMG! Have you saw the Elvenking Thranduil at the beginning from the movie?? He was so adorable and cool XD Nobel, a little arrogant and aloof. And soooo handsome! Thats my kind of man. I almost freaked out as I saw him. Ok, Ok, he had just some seconds in the movie, but those seconds were impressive! I looking forward to see more from him in the second part.

        The song of the dwarfs -Far over the misty Mountains cold – was very nice. The film have a good mixture of Action, humor and fantasy. Of course, my favorite sence was everything with the elfs in Rivendell.

        Do you enjoy the movie?

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        1. Passion is infectious. When someone is truly passionate about something, people get caught up in it when them. Your euphoria may be, as you say, self-indulgent, but when you share it with others you allow them to indulge in a bit of it, too.

          Thranduil is precisely my favourite because he is noble, arrogant, aloof, and graceful. I find it elegant and beautiful, probably for narcissistic reasons. Because, you see, I am terribly self-indulgent, too. I also have to confess that I like the elves because of their military style. It reminds me a bit of the Roman military, and invoking nostalgia is always a way to my heart.

          I enjoyed the movie very much. I remember when I first read the book that I wished for certain parts to be fleshed out more. For example, when they party was tapped on the mountains in the storm, before they venture into the goblin infested mountains, there was only brief mention of there being a battle between giants, which was what created the clamour and rock falls. It was such a brief moment in the story, and I had thought to myself that it would be wonderful to see such a thing. I was so very pleased during the movie when they made that part of the book into a quite epic scene.

      2. She does. She’s not as enthusiastic and extroverted as her beloved big sister sometimes, but you can be assured that does 😉

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  2. I don’t think that relatability is the issue. How can we possibly hope to fully understand a being who has lived so long, and seem so much? Instead I think that her malcontent stems from an not from an inability to relate to (or understand) but rather from a lack of desire to do so.

    I am a voracious reader. I read everything. Even the backs of hand soap bottles. I have often come across people who “detest books” and when I ask why they shrug it off as they never liked what they were made to read in school. Such dislike and abhorrence is based in ignorance and the disinclination to expand one’s view of the world.

    If all you posted were movie reviews, I think I would cry. Plenty of mortals can and do that very thing.

    No Marius, continue to write to please only yourself. The rest of us should be so lucky if we could truly relate, but like that 8 am physics lecture, if we pay attention we could unlock the key to truths heretofore unknown.

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    1. I am molded and directed by my desires. I am not desireless, but you are right, I possess little desire to relate to others, only to satisfy myself.

      You and I are the same. I also must read everything that I rest my eyes on. It is very sad those who choose not to read because they are missing out on so many worlds. Though books we are capable of all things.

      Movie reviews? I will promise here and now that I will never post a single movie review. It sounds pointless and tedious, and though I may not appear so, I do consider my time very precious and must therefore be preciously spent.

      1. I simply adore your way to be. It’s so…Marius centered.
        You’re totally right.
        The world doesn’t need more movie reviews, anyway.

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        1. Marius-centered? Sounds like a proper and good state of mind, and therefore of being. Let us continue that then.

      2. Do you do much reading of e-books? I must confess, I only started delving into that method of reading recently, thanks to my Christmas gift, as I had several arguments which I felt justified my personal disinclination towards e-books. (You can’t show them off on your bookshelves for guests to see when you are done; I like the feel of turning an actual page; many hardcovers are interesting beautiful things all in their own right (slip the jacket off any hardcover Harry Potter, a lot of effort and thought went into making those) and perhaps oddest of all, I LOVE the smell of books. New or old, I sniff my books)

        But as it turns out, I very much enjoy e-books. I have blazed through three since Christmas. Probably because now I CAN read absolutely anywhere.

        I don’t think that e-books will keep me from buying physical books, on the contrary, I will probably buy more physical books now than before, (and I will likely sniff every one) but it has certainly transformed the way I thought about reading.

        1. I resisted ebooks for as long as possible because, like you, I rather enjoy the act of opening a book and having lovely shelves laden with their colourful covers. Then two years ago I was given an ebook reader as a gift, and it was there that I realised its potential. Firstly, there are a great many books that I do not buy because space is always an issue, and now I no longer need to worry about where to store all of the books I purchase. Secondly, there are many books that I would not read because I don’t wish to buy a book I am only lukewarm or slightly curious about. I am less discerning when I purchase ebooks, so I find I am trying more books through the ebook reader. Of course, there will always be books that I buy in physical format. I will never replace my favourite books, and if I do so happen to find a new favourite through an ebook, I will certainly then buy a physical copy to add to my shelves.

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