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  1. Do you think that some are geared more to endure their walks of loneliness, and in that journey they might actually find comfort in the strength it takes? I ask because it seems that many cannot live with loneliness of any kind, but then some actually cling to their loneliness and seem to do just as well.

    1. It has much to do with the nature of the individual, which dictates their unique needs. Some people require a great deal of affection, for example, while others find affection detestable or unnecessary. Some people love to be alone, others feel suffocated by it. These characteristics remain absolutely after immortality is given. I have always been a loner, quite comfortable on my own, and so I find it exceptionally easy to navigate my immortality even with a lack of companionship. I am really my very best company.

      1. Sometimes I find that loneliness is a choice for some, but to others its a state of mind that sort of guides them. I agree, everyone has different needs to be filled. Some search their whole lives searching for the one friend that might fill in that gap. The sad part is that some never find it.

        1. We are each and every one designed of a different nature. I get confused when I am asked, “aren’t you lonely?” Sometimes, of course, as I am still made of human heart. Yet I think people imagine I must live in a state of miserable loneliness because I am, for the most part, always alone. They think I must be making excuses, surely lying, when I try to explain that I am very happy. I have always been the type who enjoys being alone.

        2. And this is one of the lovely things about the internet. People can communicate and such without having to really change for others. Those who are lonely aren’t really lonely. Much the same as you, I’ve always enjoyed going at life alone but there are times when I crave the presence of others for a time being.

  2. I know this is one of your older posts, but tonight when I was showering my mind was going so quickly, mulling over things.  Truly it has been building for months, this feeling.  At times it is stronger than others and for the most part I am more than equip to endure it, but tonight it has broken through.  All most immediately out of the shower I flew to my journal to pour my innermost feelings out to it as that usually helps but tonight it is no help.  So I thought then what would Marius do?  I recalled you wrote about loneliness so it is here I find myself.  Normally I am like you in that I enjoy my alone time, and have always been a lone wolf, even when younger.  Marius what do you do when the weight of the loneliness is too much?  

    If you happen to be in a divulgatory mood when you read this I have another question for you. Since I was young others have turned to me to be their strength and calm place.  Normally I do not mind others leaning on me when they need the support and I almost never ask for the same in return.  I am quite self-sufficient, but there are times when I want the be taken care of, the one to be vulnerable.  Does this ever happen for you?  If so how do you cope with it?

    I am sorry for my melancholy but you were the only one I feel I can share these feelings with.

    1. When the weight is too much, I distract myself. I could remedy the problem best through companionship, but I am simply ill-equipped. I choose loneliness because most of the time it is endurable. When I cannot breath because of it, I put my brain above heart. Research and writing is instrumental, therefore, to my sanity. If I were left to my thoughts, I would be in darkness.

      I have always been the so-called “pillar of strength” for others. For many reasons, perhaps, but mainly because of my calm and my deference to logic, which is in and of itself the primary tool of problem solving. People look to me for guidance and for warmth. Yes, and very self-sufficient. For the most part, I do not mind. It is my nature to care for others… care for not in the ways of tender affection, but more in the sense of guiding and mentoring. But yes, there are moments of weakness where I cannot endure the emotions of others pressing upon my own. And I feel that I cannot open up to anyone because to do so would jeopardize my own position as a calm, collected, logical man. Showing weakness and vulnerability would corrupt my carefully crafted self. But there are times when I need to fall apart so very much.

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