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A Study of Celeste and Santiago

If you were to paint her [Celeste] again some night, I wonder what colors and designs you would use? Also, have you ever wanted to paint Santiago as well?

Our skin makes a wonderful canvas, hard and smooth and tight like a piece of canvas stretched over wood. Immortal skin is not full of the oils and moisture that mortal skin has, mortal skin that easily disturbs the placement and consistency of paint. I know this because I have tried to paint on young men and women before, but to little satisfying effect.

I think if given the chance, I would like to take my time on Celeste’s skin. The first time, though neither of us felt particularly rushed, my desire for her overwhelmed the artist in me. Lines were hastily drawn and I did not apply the same consideration with strokes that I do when I am painting on a real canvas.

I would start on her shoulders with a small pointed tip, and I would begin to cover her body in a delicate, intricate lace pattern. I would have to leave her neck and chest bare for my lips, but I would paint her breasts and stomach, down her ribs, and finally down her legs. I think that I would stop once I had reached her thighs. This would take an exhaustibly long time, but I am certain by the end of it she would be still eager for more. But I just wish to apply delicate precision to her body, and the necessary attention would let me stare at every portion of her body unflinching and close. I would be able to run my nose against her soft female skin, and blow the paint to help it dry. By keeping my designs small, I am able to serve every inch of her body with touch and appreciation.

I would use black and red and gold because those are my most favourite colours and dark tones favour her hair and skin.

Ah, but I would love to paint the two of them side by side, to have them both underneath me and my brush, and share the two of them and myself amongst them. Santiago would be just as lovely a canvas, wouldn’t he?

Unfortunately, the story between the three of us was left unfinished. We were not able to share many of the intimate details shared between the three of us during my time with Celeste. There was no jealousy in either of us toward the other. Instead, we allowed each other to express a certain amount of mutual appreciation to the other. Santiago and I shared our own moments together, and it is with regret that we were not also able to share them with everyone. Perhaps one day with his consent, I will be able to finish that story.

9 thoughts on “A Study of Celeste and Santiago

  1. There is no greater crime than leaving a masterpiece unfinished, is there? It doesn’t matter what audience it gets, be it just the people involved or a hundred mortals lucky enough to read if it is published somewhere, just finish it if you can, and enjoy putting it down on paper.

    1. No greater crime, naturally. Yet perhaps like Michelangelo, the masterpiece finishes itself just how it wishes to be, and even the seemingly unfinished is finished. Half formed works of art only meant to me that.

      Though I am no Michelangelo and I would love to share what happened. I am certain that I will, one night, when these memories float to the front of my memory and I can see, feel, and taste it as if it were yesterday. I will then close my eyes and let my fingers work while my mind relives and re-enjoys.

  2. I think those three colors would be beautiful on the both of them actually. Would you possibly use real gold flakes or pigments in the paint whilst making those small and intricate designs? πŸ™‚

    It sounds as if Vampires could actually replace canvas in the future. πŸ˜€ There might be more discovered artists if that were the case. Who wouldn’t want to touch vampire skin, be it with their fingers or a brush dipped in paint? πŸ˜€

    I believe Santiago really would make a lovely canvas too, and to envision you painting them both together at the same time is truly…wow. Maybe you could paint them into one scene using their bodies together, so that if they stood up they would be magnificent, but put them together and the painting might come out like a broader scene of sorts? Just a thought there. πŸ™‚ I like your idea of painting them together, the more the merrier.

    It is good to hear that you were all able to appreciate one another, and at least you have some fine memories of that time you spent with both of them. If you do get his consent someday, then it will be a treat to get to read more about the detail of this time you spent in their company. Yet, it was wonderful to read a more in depth description from your perspective of painting Celeste. So thank you very much for sharing that with all of us in your own words Marius. πŸ™‚

    1. Of course it is possible to use gold flecks in the paint, to add a bit of shimmer. I can’t imagine leafing Celeste if I were drawing small delicate lines, though I think perhaps I could have fun using a good, real gold leaf on certain parts of her body that are expansive to accent the lacy pattern. And then even on Santiago’s body I could find more than ample plain to paint with gold sheet. I would make lovely statues of them both with it, gold instead of white.

      1. I’m not so familiar with painting, I don’t have the hand for it, that is why I asked about the gold flecks. It intrigued me to picture it. I wasn’t sure if the gold would hold up in the painting once it dried. πŸ™‚

        I can actually picture both of them in this beautiful gold you described, and I think the Golden Leaves placed on certain parts of Celeste’s body would be a breathtaking sight to see for sure. Especially with her dark hair and beautiful green eyes. One might actually go blind if they were to witness the both of them poised in such artistic grace together. I don’t think Aries or Venus would have a chance of being noticed if you put your skills to work on their vampiric bodies. I would think they would shine like New Age Gods. -Smiles-

  3. And if I were to give my consent to finish the tale? I am certain the mortals would adore hearing it told. Few understand the depths of your passion, Marius. Even with what was shared, I am certain even Celeste and I only pierced the surface.

    1. If only we had been given more time. I live without regret, but I have bountiful capacity to wonder and a very vast imagination, and so I do think of what we could have done. How very far indeed we may have pierced the surface of all our reserve collectively. Could we have slowly begin to unwind each other? How very restrictive even an eternity is when circumstance gets in the way.

      But you honour me with your presence here, Santiago, and you must know the pleasure I feel simply writing these words to you. I will do the same honour to what it was we shared together. We have such wonderfully curious mortals.

      1. Mon ami, we both are without regret and an eternity to delve deeper to resolve anything left incomplete, should we wish. Such opposites we are… and yet to allow curiosity and a woman to help us find common ground? Oh, but the masterpiece was well worth the risks first perceived.

        Mortals have a few redeeming qualities. Their inquisitive nature setting us as the center of their attention is, of course, one of them. Ah, but I am not here to speak of mortals. Too much we shall never agree on when it comes to them, so best to classify them as taboo for us.

        Unwind one another? That would certainly take quite a bit of trust for both of us. And one does wonder if either or both of us would be willing to give up the level of control necessary to achieve such a moment. Perhaps. There are still so many questions that I wish to pluck answers to from your memories. To get you to relinquish some of the restraints you have upon your thoughts and let me delve completely into who you are.

        1. By all means, let us speak of things we both agree on. Best not sully budding promise; victory in warring words is no match to victory in passion. I would choose one before the other for the right contender, which you, Santiago, most certainly are. If we find ourselves rejecting a slow paced unwind, perhaps we should pluck? Rather than a steady and fluid unwinding, relentless and merciless in its demand we continue even as we falter, we can pluck free our guard one stitch at a time. Each new release bringing with it a breath of exciting trepidation, no less strange in our mutual discovery.

          But perhaps I presume too much.

          Santiago, I welcome very few people into my private sanctum. You are one of those few, and for that reason my mind is yours, though I do hope in exchange you will share your own with me. We can exchange wisdom and perhaps even a taboo subject will no longer be so taboo.

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