17 thoughts on “Valentine Gifts from Laertis

  1. Oh my love, now you surprised me. I had no doubts but it is good that you say it. It gives me confidence and a good and feeling. *kiss*

    So the latin was right?

    Gern geschehen Marius, du weißt wie sehr ich dich schätze und wieviel du mir bedeutest!

    1. Let me see…

      Felicem diem- 3rd declension accusative singular, which indicates the direct object of the sentence. In this case we have a noun and an adjective.
      Valentinī- In this case, the genitive singular form, which indicates possession.

      It is very correct.

      1. Ah Marius I love it when you show your knowledge, such a nice forplay. Always so seductive, old man!

        Yes, a A in latin! 😀

  2. Really? As a German, of course, I must go deeper, what have you missed the most?

    I must admit my health is not the best. So good my meds are, so bad they can be. On one hand they help me against my Epi but the rest of my body is not always happy with it. Especially my bones and cartilage. Buut pulse is still there and I try to live my life so good as I can…

    For the last few years, I have lived my passion many times. My last trip was Egyptian, before that trip New Orleans. (Yep, on Halloween with funny vamps) Athena and Elle was there too. And other guys I met through the girls. A nice Armand Cosplayer. But no Marius 🙁

    What about you? I wanna hear every news!

  3. You sure?

    Keep in mind, speak slowly and use easy english. And no slang if its possible XDDD. To write is something totally different than to speak and understand who is speaking english. And we must find a cheap way. A normal phone call in another country is to expensive for me. Works the Whatsapp phone possibility? Thats for free I guess.

    I allow myself to say you are right. No matter what you have ever said to me, it was always between you and me.

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