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  1. You have answered many of my questions with this post. So this is the reason that vampires made from more weaker ones are so desperate for blood and why they are less in control of their hunger. Wow, this is deep. It would probably take decades and centuries to master the art of the little drink for some. I guess some don’t even really need that. This is why you can go so long without blood and why you are so powerful.

    Jesse, now there is a vampire that I wondered what happened to after the 80s. So with maharets ancient blood she was able to control her hunger. Ah, now it makes sense. Thank you dear.

    1. From the moment Jesse was born she felt no hunger. She had the body and strength of a vampire of my age. I would love to have had her blood, just to understand the power within it. At her birth, she had all the strength that I had developed over two thousand years.

      And yes, you are right to say that the little drink is a trick that requires great age and great self-control. Our very nature makes us crave blood, even when we are old and do not necessarily need it. You see, the more human blood we have, the keener our preternatural gifts. It is quite hard sometimes for me to part after a mere sip, but I do. My age, the self-control and strength of my body, makes this possible.

      1. And if by “luck” you happened to cross paths with her and she decided to let you have her blood, I wonder if you could stop? Even with your aged strength and ability to pull away when Akasha let you taste of her, was it difficult to pull away from? If you were to drink from Jesse I just imagine her blood would be pure vampiric climax at first lick.

        Here is a question I’d like to ask you, once a vampire is made as you were back before Jesus, would your strength double with the power that Jesse has if you were to drink from her? Or would it take time to build up to that point? -smiles- I would think a mortals blood would pale in comparison to this. :p

        On the few occasions that you do take a mortals life, do you still take from the “evildoers”? Speaking of your appetite…what was your most remebered kill and what makes it stand out for you to this night dear?

        1. The potency of Akasha’s blood was so incredible that after so long I would swoon and seem to fall into a dream state. It would be in this weak and drowsy state that I would, seemingly of my own accord, release her from my grasp. I was always careful not to hurt Akasha, and I think I would have been able to pull away from her every time, though it is impossible for me to know. There are too many questions. Did Akasha give me these dreams herself, or was it just something about her powerful blood that stoked my mind to remember sweeter times? Was it truly me who pulled away, or was it Akasha who was compelling me to let her go when she knew that I had enough of her blood? It is impossible to know really anything with regard to Akasha because Akasha was of a power and strength that none of us ever truly could know.

          Here is a question I’d like to ask you, once a vampire is made as you were back before Jesus, would your strength double with the power that Jesse has if you were to drink from her? Or would it take time to build up to that point? -smiles- I would think a mortals blood would pale in comparison to this. :p

          I have been given the most powerful of blood on many different occasions. But it did not double my strength. Rather, with each time I fed from Akasha, I grew progressively stronger. Each time I pulled away, full of Akasha’s blood, I was unquestionably more powerful. But what made me as strong as I am was that I drank from her on multiple instances. So really, it is a bit of both. Each time I drank, I was unfathomably stronger, but in order to make me a truly powerful vampire, I needed to drink from Akasha often, so in that way it was a gradual build up. By no means did it make me as powerful as Akasha, but I dare say it made me quite formidable to those around me. I think Jesse’s blood would do much the same. After one drink, I would be noticeably changed, but it would require many feedings to increase my power substantially. Though to be honest I do not think her present strength to be much greater than mine now. Granted, it took me 2,000 years, much injury, and much of Akasha’s blood to reach this point.

        2. Ah, ok. So once a vampire finally reaches the limit of strength then it sort of stops. I mean you have aged and grown powerful in steps to the “limit” so to speak. Wow, this is interesting. 🙂

          Enkil was even more of a mystery so it would seem. I always wanted to know more about him and what memories might have been in his blood.

        3. That is exactly so. Powerful blood can only do so much, and for only the time during which it is in the body. Because vampire blood, just like human blood, is processed to make the body stronger and more powerful. Powerful vampire blood has the benefit of its own power, and so it is able to strengthen the body more than weak human blood. Yet once it has been absorbed by the cells, it and its power no longer remains. What remains is a vampire body and mind that has been made sharper thanks to it.

          I could have drank Akasha’s blood every night, but it would never make me as powerful as her. It only increased the rate of the strengthening of my powers.

          Sadly, I never got to know about Enkil save from what I read in the old stories. He was a King, but he was very much the slave to Akasha. I can never know his power or his mind, or if he was content. I was certain that he hated me. Perhaps it was all in my mind, but at times I could feel the jealousy emanating from his frozen body. At the same time, he knew that he needed me, and so he let me touch Akasha. Others found their heads crushed or their body thrown away from Akasha by Enkil. But not me. Either Enkil knew I was needed, or Akasha commanded him to leave me be. It must have been Enkil’s own will because, if Akasha had been able to order Enkil about, Lestat would not have been nearly killed.

          So much to ponder.

          I mourned him. Even though, after 2,000 years, we were still strangers to one another.

  2. I’ve often wondered if he might have offered his wrist as well from time to time if the worship and respect was pointing towards him more instead of more towards Akasha, if his acceptance was as sought after as those of Akasha.

    From the outside looking in… Did he not have the right to be jealous, was he not her king? It seems he stuck beside her through thick and thin so I can’t help but think of Enkil over Akasha.

    After reading of how she destroyed him, I wondered if she might have ever loved him.

    So much to ponder indeed dear. 🙂

    1. In their human lives, Enkil was the King and Akasha was his Queen. Even then, it seems her personality was dominating and powerful. With the blood, Akasha became the mother to us all, even his, and her strength was more than that of Enkil. He accepted this subordinate position to her, I think, and he was content to be her silent consort because he wanted the silence, the stillness, the abandon. As I can imagine any would after so many thousands of years.

      He had all the right to be jealous because Akasha was still his wife, his lover. No matter their positions of authority, she belonged to him. Enkil shared Akasha’s blood with me because he understood that she did not love me or want me in any passionate way, and therefore I was no threat to him. Rather, he knew that Akasha gave me her blood in order to make me strong so that I could protect them both. Enkil knew I must feed from her to defend him. And so he was willing to let me have Akasha’s blood. He was jealous of any other male vampire who sought to take Akasha’s blood, or just outright threatened by them, as was the case with Lestat.

      Akasha may have loved him once, but he was nothing compared to Lestat. None of us were.

      1. It would seem as such, but I wonder if a thousand or two years passed if she would have turned on Lestat in the same manner which she did her previous king, Enkil.

        I wonder what she would have had him sacrifice in the ages to come? Could he have stood for it after those periods of time and loved her in the enduring way which Enkil did. I cannot imagine a world with a small population of men, ruled by women obeying a vampire Queen. -Laughs-

        1. I am very grateful that we never had to find out the answer to that question. As angry as I am at Lestat for his rash and selfish behavior, I would not want to see him die. I do not think Lestat is capable of… as they say… monogamy. He loves passion and beauty too much. Akasha was not the sort of woman to endure being betrayed, or to take second in matters of the heart. Lestat lacks stability within himself, so he could not have given her what she desired most. He could not have worshiped her in the manner which she was most accustomed.

        2. If not for Louis coming out with the intimate description of his life as a vampire, in the first novel, do you think another vampire would have done it? Would it have inevitably happened somehow or another? The “spilling of the Immortal beans” so to say… And then I’m sure there are still some mortals who would never believe in vampires, or the ferocity of their appetites until it was too late. I’m sure there are still plenty who don’t, and this must still be a thrill to some vampires.

          Another interesting thing is how some vampires like to stalk mortals and play head games with them, while other vampires just go in for the kill. It reminds me of mortals at the dinner table, in a way. 😉

          Watching another vampire die must be an excruciating thing, even beyond the anger or whatever pushes other vampires to destroy their own kind. I am thankful that I can’t imagine what that must feel like. Even though I know that Claudia was a child, I think the way she and Madeleine were destroyed was hideous and gut wrenching.

          I wonder how many vampires out there could settle for absolute monogamy? Is it even possible for a vampire to find that “one” companion to share eternity together? Or would they drive each other to madness? From what I’ve read, it looks like monogamy in eternity might prove to be somewhat difficult.

        3. Lestat hungers for attention, validation even. I am certain that he would have eventually written a book or perhaps a movie. If anything, just to hear the sound of his voice upon the lips of strangers. He could never abide obscurity. Naturally, Louis was a catalyst and started a domino effect. Lestat felt obliged to offer a sort of rebuttal to the claims of his villainy in Interview with the Vampire. Our individual books, those written by Armand and Pandora, were instigated by David. I wrote mine because I my soul was made heavy by the stories, and speaking them alleviated the burden. Perhaps without the series that had come before it, I would not have let it be published, but could have kept it private and to myself.

          I suppose we all want validation and attention.

          Of course, we count upon humans not believing.

          I wonder how many vampires out there could settle for absolute monogamy? Is it even possible for a vampire to find that “one” companion to share eternity together?

          I do not think we are well suited to eternal monogamy. We are sensual creatures by nature, and are dreadfully weak to beauty. It is entirely possible to find that “one” companion that we wish to be with most as any human can find their own true love, but we cannot sustain constant companionship. We will always come and go as time flows onward. Yet we always come back together, like a routine, a never-ending cycle.

  3. My mind was wondering a bit at work today, I was walking up the stairs with a bag of blood in my hands. (Lest anyone should think I was up to something I ought not to be, I work in a hospital and therefore the blood was obtained legitimately *smile/wink*….although before I give blood I do tell people I am going to steal some of theirs….perhaps we have something in common? *sly smile*) 
    I began to wonder if donated blood was drinkable for vampires or if it would be detrimental? Then my mind strayed further to question if vampires were able to tolerate any part of the donated blood if separated; I administer whole packed red blood cells, thawed plasma, and platelets.  Temperature preference aside is this possible? 

    I think because I was in a clinical mind set I also considered if the vampire cells are thirsting for blood, how does the cell DNA differ from humans?  I love biology and therfore am fascinated by how similar species differ; how one little protein changes an entire being.  I would love to have a drop of human blood and a drop of vampiric blood then introduce the two under a microscope to watch the interaction.  Not for any grand scientific experiment but just for my own curiosity and study. 

    Please forgive me if I am being rude with my analytical questions; I have been told that I am a bit un-orthodox in my thinking and I tend to over think most things.  However I feel I am able to pose these questions here, so thank you for that. 


    1. You always have the most wonderful questions, and I will address them in a separate post because I am certain other mortals wonder these things, even if they are not so bold to ask.

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