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  1. I’ve been playing around with the idea of whether or not I should get a tattoo for about two years now. The thought of it being practically permanent scares me. What if it loses its significance to me when I’m older? Then what?

    Where on the body do you find the most ideal place to put a tattoo? I am partial to the lower part of the stomach to the hip bone (where it looks cool, but you can also hide it). I have also always wanted to get a tattoo on my wrist. Of course, this would probably be professionally frowned upon, which prevents me from doing it. Plus the pain. I have no tolerance whatsoever to pain. I am always falling down, or getting hurt, and much to my friends annoyance, I cry almost every time.

    While we are on this sort of subject, what are your thoughts on piercings? 🙂 I used to have two—my belly button and my ears.

    1. That is why every permanent modification to the body must be made only after a lot of careful consideration. Body piercings are less worrisome because they can be removed and their scars too small to notice. Tattoos can also be removed, but this is costly and difficult. When you are certain of something you would want etched on your body the rest of your life, you will know, because it will be a part of you that cannot be extracted. Even if you become a different person, it will stand as a reminder of who you were, and is therefore a symbol of honour. Of growth.

      I rather like tattoos anywhere, though I generally do not like if they are on the face, the ankle, the breast, or the lower back unless they are part of bigger pieces that encompass the chest, leg, or back. I love large and bold, colourful tattoos. I love when a woman has everything from her shoulder to her wrist covered in bright tattoos that I can study. I also met a woman who had the most lovely tattoo to cover her entire chest and the upper part of her breasts.

      I am old fashioned, but I love art, and I love art enough to accept that the body is a canvas. I could judge like some old curmudgeon, but I prefer to adapt my thinking to the times.

      Piercings are also very nice. I quite like surface piercings. I especially, however, like piercings that are around the mouth because they make for an interesting experience when using the mouth for any purpose like kissing. You say used to have two. Did you remove them?

      1. Oh, Marius! When you used the word “curmudgeon,” I like always started laughing out loud. That is the last thing I could ever, ever see you as, my dear! It’s interesting that you are not particularly fond of tattoos on the lower back and ankle, as that’s where a lot of people seemed to get them. Why are you not so fond of those (Truth be told, I’m not either…). Also, I was just thinking of this—-a lot of girls my age, have gotten tattoos on the top of their feet! I am sort of in awe by this—the skin on the top of a young woman’s foot is so thin and sensitive! Owww!!! As for the upper breast…umm, as a girl, all I can say is—Owww! hahaha!

        As for my piercings, I more or less accidentally removed them. I played volleyball (and still wish I did!), and we went to regional’s, and our coach made us take out all piercings for safety purposes. We got rather vicious with each other. I know that I’ve told you in the post above that I cannot handle pain very well, but when it comes to sliding around on the floor for a ball, I am all over that! As for my belly button ring, I went to my ex-boyfriends pool party, I think it fell off in the pool, while I was probably doing some stupid flip in the water. I didn’t realize it until two days later. hahaha!

        And yes, the tongue rings, I agree with you on that! Kissing would be very interesting! In fact, it’s becoming more and more appealing the more I think about it!

        oh, Marius, you and the wild ideas you put in my head 😉

        1. I believe I am not too fond of them because they are too common, and in many senses, in poor taste. Ankle tattoos are boring. A tattoo on the small of the back reflects badly on a woman. I know it is unfair to make an assumption about a woman because she has a tattoo on the lower part of her back, and I am not trying to be sexist.

          I have always heard that getting tattoos on the foot or toes is a bad idea because the skin there sheds a lot, and so the tattoo will fade too soon. The skin is too thin and the area too sensitive to have little nails drilling mercilessly into. A foot tattoo just seems a tremendous amount of pain to endure for something that will ultimately be temporary, or will fade to such a degree that it will look cheap and poorly done. Or else one could get touch ups often, and then relive in the pain over and over again. Poor planning, I think.

          I put wild ideas in your head? Well, I will take that as a compliment.

    1. I am much too vain for a tattoo. I do not think that if I had a mortal body and could, I would elect to have one myself. I do not think down on those who have them, and indeed I quite respect the art itself, and those who are brave and bold. But I am not certain if I am capable of that bravery and boldness.

      1. So no tattoo for Marius? But you would allow me to paint your body?

        And what tattoo do you think would I choose – if I had the money for it. ^^

        1. I would most certainly allow my body to be painted. And then the canvas would be washed clean for another masterpiece.

          I should think… perhaps large and extravagant angel wings covering your back?

  2. Do you think that tattoos make the people who has them in “slaves” of some idea, movement, moment?…Or do you see them, maybe, as a visual collection of memories and feelings of these people?

    1. I think it depends entirely on their reasons for doing getting a tattoo. If their reasons are entirely fad based, or they want to be accepted by a certain cultural (or counter-cultural) group, then it does make them slaves to an idea. But if the intent is to take something that has true meaning to the individual, and then immortalise it against their skin, well, then I think this is an honourable thing.

  3. Isn’t it fantastic that the art world is constantly evolving? Techniques, medium, styles. I could stare at a painting for hours, each brush stroke, how many layers the artist created, imagining what emotion the artist felt, wondering what they were wearing, how could women stand wearing a corset? Hours and hours, it could take me days just to get through one exhibit. Even the most mundane thing at the time could be art in the future.
    Back to the main topic, sorry. Some tattoos that people put on their bodies can be regrettable, personally I think it should be considered an honor to have an amazing piece of art on your body. After all, isn’t your body a temple?

    1. Have you ever heard of the man in Japan who takes the skin of dead Yakuza members, who are known for their full body tattoos, and puts it on display. Off of the body, of course.

      The body is a temple to be enjoyed by the soul housed within, and a temple that can be shared with others, indeed. No one else has the right to tell us what boundaries we may put around our own free will, at least where it concerns what we wish to do with the body. They can judge all that they want, yet in the end, their opinion matters only as much as allowed.

      More and more, people are coming to accept body modification as an acceptable practice. Twenty years ago, having a tattoo or a visible piercing more than just your standard lobes would hurt chances to get a good job. Now, people are willing to look past these things toward merit and personality. In that way, tattooing is able even more to enter the mainstream as a legitimate life choice and as a form of art.

      1. I have never heard of the skin being displayed, but I would love to see it. Speaking of displaying dead body parts, morbid much? Recently, I had a chance to see the Bodies Exhibit, it really makes you stop and think that the human body or a body is amazing.

        I often wonder what would happen to someone who was turned to vampire with tattoos, would the body reject the ink? Or since plastic surgery is so popular now, would the body reject implants or accept it?

        Tattoos are becoming more mainstream, but there is still something taboo about them. Essentially, I think it’s important to have what’s important to myself or what makes me feel good in my own skin. It’s important to avoid trying to fit into a mold or group and to think for oneself.

        1. I remember a few years ago, I was in Las Vegas and they were doing an exhibition at the Luxor hotel and casino, though I did not think to see it. Not that I am squeamish about such things. Mostly, I just recall the controversy surrounding the acquisition of the bodies used in the exhibit.

          You know, I do not know if vampires can get tattoos. I think that if would depend on whether the tattoo was there when they were human or if it was after they were made immortal. The reason that it is important to heal any scars before making a vampire is because those scars will become immortalised and only slowly begin to transform to vampire skin, though it takes a long time. Slowly, the vampire blood will perfect these things, but who wants to be left with scars for thousands of years possibly? I imagine a tattoo would be much the same. Because it preexists, the tattoo would remain, but the vampire blood would slowly eat away at the ink until it was gone, or the skin was simply healed over the invasive ink.

          I think that any ink introduced into the body would not remain if the individual were already a vampire. I imagine it would be immediately overcome by the blood, or else the vampire would awaken to find their original nature restored much like we experience with our hair and other bodily aspects.

  4. And I will paint your wohle body, my love! What an pleasure that will be! Ha. Hmm where should I start?

    O.O …Can Vampires read minds??? Such a scary thought…..Or do your really know me so well already?

    1. Not every vampire can reads minds, not without blood. Many vampires who are new or just made of weak vampire blood lack the ability. Powers come with age and strength. So you may be safe in the company of many vampires. Though, of course, I can read minds, but I choose not to. I would rather learn the things I want to know through conversation and trust. I am patient and will learn all things in due time.

      1. ….Marius, I think the first time you dont get my joke. XDDD Or didnt I get yours? XD Ok tell me, how did you know that angel wings on my back would be my choose?

        Btw, Greentings from africa!! I hope you are well. And I hope you got my mails. The Inet concation is not the best in the serengenti

        1. I only thought to myself, “what would suit Seraphim the best?” Of course, the answer is in your name. And I know that you love angels and angelic men.

    1. My dear Marius, you must tell me where I should start? I want paint your pale skin worthy.

      And as I said already, you are right with the angel wings, of course.

  5. I too toyed around with getting tattoos, however I always chicken out. Now with the clarity of hindsight I am glad I didn’t get the ones I was planing on. I have changed to much.

    Speaking of painting bodies, which would be delightful, have you seen a movie called “the Pillow Book”? It’s about a young Japanese girl whose father painted characters on her face and her Aunt read her “The Pillow Book” the story of a 10th century lady-in-waiting. When she grows up she is obsessed with painting bodies. It is a good movie and worth the time.

    1. I have seen the movie The Pillow Book. I know I saw it at least a decade ago. I enjoyed the movie, though I also admit that I found something strangely erotic about the entire thing. But then I do love to paint bodies, in privacy, for my own pleasure. Is there anything right now that you could see tattooing onto your body?

      1. It has been about a decade for me too but it has always stuck with me. I found it erotic as well; the painting and the languages. If I were to have an opportunity to experience either painting someone or being painted on it would undoubtedly be private. I can be a bit shy sometimes; I am blushing as I write this in fact.
        As for the tattoos; hmmm I haven’t thought about getting one in a while so I had to take a moment. I think I would still like one of the original tattoos I wanted. It would be a set of block waves colored in an aqua blue positioned just below my neck, just above and between my shoulder blades. So it wouldn’t be visible if my hair was down. I like it for two reasons: one I love water and two I am an Aquarius. From what I have heard about tattoos you can’t get just one so, the second one would be a quote from our beloved Ovid. “Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim.”. It reminds me to endure and have strength. This I would want on either my right side over my rib cage or the inside of my right upper arm. It wouldn’t be very big (neither one would) but large enough to read clearly. Also I think I would like the artists input on some flourishes around the quote. Were ever inspiration would take us.

        1. I think that the tattoo you describe sounds lovely and would certainly suit you on a personal level, which is far better for something permanent than something superficial. I also quite like the Ovid quote you have selected. I too have used it and uttered it as a source of strength and perseverance. Sometimes we need to remember that no pain lasts forever and out of it we can learn and evolve.

    1. They really can be quite lovely when they are positioned just right and use the correct kind of jewellery. Some I do not like or understand. I remember that a few years ago people frequently would pierce the are on the nose just between the eyes. I thought this was horrible. Eyebrow piercings, too. Also, any piercing on a bellybutton I cannot find anything but trashy. But I quite like those placed around the mouth because I feel a mouth is a good area to draw attention to.

      1. I can remember growing up and wanting my navel pierced because I was fascinated by the beauty of belly dancers and the way the jewel seemed to magnify the navel and stomach area. I personally find the abdomen a gorgeous stretch of canvas. Yet at the same time I never found a thrill in the idea of ripping my shirt up and showing it off to the world either. I wanted to wait until I was fully grown into my womanhood to get it, and when I did I sort of became selfish and secretive about it.

        I endured the pain well enough, as well as my ears. However, when it comes to body ink or any more piercings I’m squemish and downright terrified of needles and something that will never change on my body.

        I think a naturally bare body is just as beautiful as one that is pierced or tattooed. 🙂 And even the tiniest or largeat scars and freckles can be quite appealing to some of our eyes. I think it’s a type of body art all to it’s own dear.

        1. I have a very pragmatic opinion on pain: it passes. I take a deep breath and I tell myself, “You see? You can still feel, and isn’t that wonderful?”

          Ah but I love scars. They all tell stories, and it is a pleasure to discover a lover in this way.

        2. Oh, hah, I love it, how funny! Ha, that’s one way of taking the grit with a grain of salt, how optimistic and positive! There are some who enjoy pain seeking, as there are many “pleasure” seekers. And you probably already knew this. I’m sure there is very little you don’t know by now, hmm? 😀 Do you ever crave a bit of pain? Maybe as a sort of way to spice up your night? And if so, what sort of pain do you most welcome?

          In what way do you mean, if I may ask? How do you most enjoy discovering those scars?

        3. On the contrary, my darling! There is still much that I do not know. You clever mortals are always inventing or thinking up new things that I must learn about.

          Vampires by design must enjoy some pain, as our best form of intimacy necessitates that brief pain be caused. Most of us rather like the feeling of twin holes driven in, breaking through skin full of nerves. When someone drinks from you, you can feel their hunger drawing powerfully on your heart and veins. This can also hurt if they are too hungry and not gentle.

          In what way do you mean, if I may ask? How do you most enjoy discovering those scars?

          I find I like to discover naturally, the way that lovers always discover each other’s secrets. These things come out when one is no longer guarded or shielded by their clothing. I like to find each one after a long, slow study of a body. Then I point to one and I ask where did it come from.

        4. That curiosity is quite mutual then, because I never get tired of learning about vampires. I’m morbidly fascinated with the sharpness of those small fangs, the capability to bring pain or pleasure to mortals. My curiosity comes in many why’s actually. Why do some bring cruel death with them? Why do others take the small drink? Why do some flash them at their victims then let the mortal walk away? and just why is it that vampires fascinate me? Even the way a vampire hunts, and thinks about the world and mortals who move around them. I don’t think one vampire is the same as another, and so I never get bored when I think and learn about vampires.

          And that mix you mention, the not knowing if the piercing of something so small but lethal will leave you gasping with pain or pleasure. The anticipation of the unknown.

          I can relate dear. It’s also interesting when they begin to open up and talk of the time, place, and emotions they felt when they acquired the scar. 🙂

        5. The “why” questions can all be answered with a very vague and no doubt unsatisfactory reply of: because we are as unique as humans are from each other. Why are some vegan? Why do some take pleasure making fun of others? Why do some like hunting and others find it brutal and appalling? Why do some love horror movies and others abhor them?

        6. Mhm, the list could “why this and why that” could go on and on forever. I see your point. -Laughs- I have nothing more to say on the subject.

  6. Ah my Marius knows me well. Of course you are right. Angel wings would suits me.

    I love men like you are, and you know that very well.

  7. It’s right, tattoos have made a big development but if they look good or just, well, not so good depends also on the fact if the motif and style fit the person.
    I know quite a few persons with tattoos and it’s not such a big deal anymore, although my friend decided never to tell her mom about the (awesome) Black Pearl decorating her side.
    Do you know this fantatsic tattoos which look as if the skin was cut open and you can see blood vessels and muscles or gear-wheels and cables underneath?

    1. What will her mother likely do if she were to spy this Black Pearl tattoo? Are we referring to the ship the Black Pearl?

      I have seen the skin tear tattoos. I like the ones that display a robotic or bionic components underneath the skin. I think these are quite clever and are a fascinating construct of people becoming part of a world where human and technology work side by side, so much so that a person begins to feel, in some small way, that machines are a part of their own core.

      Though perhaps I am reading too much into it.

      1. Yes, the ship from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It looks really good but if her mom should learn about the tattoo…she’ll probably suffer a heart attack. It’s a bit hard for me to understand why tattoos, piercings or some hair cuts are such a big deal. That’s all external stuff. A little ink and metal won’t destroy a good character.

        Well, I don’t think people choose the motives for their tattoos at random. Most think a lot about them and what they want to express with them. So you could very well be right.

        1. Fortunately, since so many youth are getting tattoos, even more so than in the last two decades, they are becoming increasingly commonplace. At the same time, more liberal minded and accepting people are adopting leadership positions, and these people don’t mind body modifications because they understand them to be no real indicator of a person’s personality or qualifications. I imagine in some distant century, tattoos and other forms of strange body modification will not be considered with a single blink of an eye.

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