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  1. Hello,
    I hope that I am not intruding. I just recently came across this site while I was surfing the internet, and I was intrigued, so here I am. Anyway, my name is Emily. I have read all of the books chronicling you and the others, Marius, and I am very pleased to find you here. And quite honestly, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to you myself. If I may, I have a question for you concerning Akasha…? I remember you stating in one of the books that you were much too cold of temperament to have any gods (forgive me if I have severely misquoted you). What made Akasha different to you? What was it about her that gave you such a devotion to her.

    Thank you, and I look forward to getting to know you better.


    1. Emily, welcome to my page. It is more my pleasure, I am certain, to have you here with me.

      I will answer your question in its own post because I find your question to be a potentially fascinating topic of discussion.

  2. Sometime truth is sweet and pleasant. But more aften very cruel.
    It’s hard to admit defeat. Especially if the defeat did not suspect.
    Especially if the intentions were pure, heart was hot and mind was open.

    But any wound heals. Even wound of the soul.
    Even the most terrible and dangerous.
    It’s the law of nature.
    At first, wound is rots and sore. It seems that the suffering will be eternal.
    Time is running out, but you still have pain.
    But one night you will notice that it hurts less. Living flesh will cover with a thin crust.
    You can even touch it by your fingers.
    Gradually wound healed completely. Life will triumph.

    You are not alone. Your children love you. Even if they not with you.
    Even we are, mortals, without names and faces, we will be happy to share your solitude.

    In the end, you are free, beautiful and strong.
    You know the truth.
    And eternity ahead of you.

    1. I am kept strong by the things expressed in brilliant poetic form above. I refuse to let the pain of existence and time diminish my capacity to love and seek love. I can look past stubbornness and reserve and see what is blooming underneath. Even if they must keep their distance, my children love me, and I know that each one of them would come to my aid if I called them.

      Pandora came when I needed her, to rescue me.

      Both Armand and Pandora came to me because they feared for me, thinking I might do something silly with Maharet and get myself killed.

      They do not need to tell me, or lavish me with affectionate attention. In the end, I am a man of simple gesture, and I find their simple displays of love for me infinitely elegant and wonderful.

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