2 thoughts on “Submitted: Sing muses, the anger of Amadeo

  1. If I may ask Marius—what sort of secret grief are you speaking of? Was it your hesitation of bringing Amadeo to you? I was wondering that if the punishment of Amadeo was set in the present, would you still punish him in the same way? Or would you do it in some other way?

    I’ll admit that the scene after you were done punishing Amadeo was pretty hot. In fact, it was really hot (insert my embarrassed laugh/giggle)

    In fact, I would have gladly switched places with him. For real. (Oh god, I need to shut up now.)

    1. Of course you may ask. I suppose there comes a point when secret grief need not be secret. After all, it would hurt no one now to confide these things.

      Armand had been gone for some time, and of course I knew that he was with Bianca. I believe a part of me worried that he would realise, as now her lover, that he favoured the company of other mortals. Yes, I had sent him out so that he could do just that, and indeed even hoped that he would, but when the reality of it threatens, the mind and heart revolts. Indeed, it appeared I may lose both Armand and Bianca.

      I had also, just that night, received a disappointing letter in my search for Pandora. Her very light and vanishing trail had gone entirely cold, and she was lost to me again. I had seemingly lost three of my loves in one night, and I could not stand it.

      Oh, I would absolutely punish him the same way. He and I were together suited for that sort of relationship, and it was the consequence of our natures together, which by no means have fundamentally changed for either of us.

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