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  1. Marius I am in awe of you! In awe that you could love a creature that hurt you so.  I do not know if I could do that; I would strive for it, nonetheless.  With time I think I would come to forgive but to love her again, that I doubt I could do.  This speaks volumes of your character.
    So then my next questions are: given all that you endured; the pain, the loss, but also Bianca.  Would you endure it again now knowing the outcome?  If this did not befall you do you think you would have had the easy and close relationship with Bianca that you did share?  Would you have otherwise given her the Blood?

    1. I chastise myself for my love of Akasha, and I constantly condemn that I loved her without insight. I just loved her, and so I was blind to everything. I could not fathom that she would wake and do so many terrible things, least of all to me. I never let myself believe that she was a goddess– she was a vampire just the same as me. Yet I never thought she would be one so malicious and cruel.

  2. All the great despots and tyrans alike.
    The main goal is to subjugate another mind to their will.
    Everything is aimed at achieving this goal.
    From the time of Attila, Genghis Khan to Stalin, Hitler till nowadays.
    They achieved their goals through knowledge of human psychology .
    No, of course they did not have the in-depth scientific knowledge in this area.
    They acted on reflex level. It was part of their talent. Ability to say the right words
    To the right people. Make the most intelligent and powerful take their side.
    Akasha is not an exception.
    Great Queen of the Damned deserves comparison with the great mortal demons.

    We wish by all heart to be loved by strongest.
    We are ready for self-deception only to believe that thair love is real.
    We sacrifice the most loyal and beloved.
    And the strongest accept these gifts.
    And so easily sacrifice the givers.

    1. At least these great tyrants have stood upon a podium and spoke to their people, even if they ultimately lacked the ability to take responsibility and accept accountability for their actions. So much of what Akasha did was insidious and underhanded. She let me think I was the one coming to these grand decisions, while all the time she pulled the strings of my will. It is this manipulation that is the hardest to accept. Had she only just spoken her will to me I would have listened. As foolish as that makes me sound, I would have been loyal.

  3. It’s interesting that she felt this way about Amadeo, but none of your other paramours—Pandora or Bianca. Especially Bianca. When you were burnt beyond recognition I would have thought Akasha might want to be the only one to heal you. Instead, she allows another woman to “assist” her. I just find it interesting.

    1. Akasha needed me alive, and she loved me as a queen would her servant. But she did not love me as a woman can love a man, and so she felt little jealousy of Pandora or Bianca, both of whom she approved of and indeed brought either to me or strengthened for me. I think that she did not approve of Amadeo because he distracted me from her. Pandora in fact brought me closer to Akasha, and Bianca was a suitable servant while I recovered. She could take on some of the burden while I strengthened myself. I am confident that Akasha loved Pandora, though I am not certain that she loved Bianca.

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