4 thoughts on “Submitted: Too cold of temperament for Gods

  1. Ah she played the age old damsel in distress.  As a women I find even when not actively seeking help in any way, some men offer assistance. Especially if they see I may be struggling with something.  Why do you think most men reply to women in this way?  Is the driving force biology or a learned behavior?  I must say that I do enjoy it when a man offers his aid whether asked for or not…makes me feel some how more feminine and womanly.  I have asked my friends and some feel the same.  Therein the same question lies.  What is it that make women respond to men in that way; biology or learned?  I grew up with all older brothers and a doting father therefore maybe I am just hardwired to expect that from the men around me. 

    1. I think it is a mixture of biology and learned behaviour, and also a general cultural acceptance of certain gender behaviours. Women are not biologically inclined to be “helpless” and in need of men, just as men are not by nature always strong and capable. I think we largely accept those roles because we are taught them, girls by being taught to be soft and sweet, and boys strong and competitive. Yet these things play to certain biological tendencies because the female sex is smaller and weaker, and the male sex stronger and less given to emotion. Yet we do not have to be so. Men can be sensitive just as a woman can be strong and independent. Boys are taught to help and girls are taught to ask for help, and so as men are more likely to help if they see someone in need, and women are more likely to accept the help of a stranger.

  2. This is just a little bit of musing on my part, but—-what if man appeared, proclaiming to be Jesus Christ? He was performing miracles, curing the sick, etc. What would you believe? Would you believe it was really God Incarnate?

    1. No, because I do not believe in God. But I would think this man quite a miracle and indeed perhaps of a nature apart from human. Unless God himself stands before me, I will doubt him.

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