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  1. Hello… (Forgive my intrusion – I came across your journal a few weeks ago and have been lurking and reading randomly ever since. Though if this bothers you, I will keep my mouth shut and leave.)


    Speaking of blood… This makes me wonder of another ‘blood’ related topic… You have said you (as well as other vampires) drink the blood of other vampires – as a form of intimacy. Is it possible for you to sustain from another vampire? Can you live off each other? If so, how would it work? Scenario (if I was a vampire): I have fed on a mortal, and you’re hungry, can you drink from me and become sated? Would I become hungry again since you’ve taken some of the blood I have just obtained? Or can you even continuously feed on one who has not fed on a mortal?

    I don’t suspect your veins go bone dry (or do they?) so how much and how long can you drink from each other (whether its intimate or not – or even if intimacy is the only factor)?

    Thank you

    1. This is no intrusion, and I hope that you will continue to visit. Leave me your insights and your criticism always, for they are most welcome.

      Our bones never go dry, no, and I am full at all times with the same amount of blood that any mortal man my size would have. It is the extra that is transformed or co-mingled, and becomes part of my strengthening cells. I admit, it is strange magic that I do not always understand, though you can see that I try very hard to make sense of it. We could be sustained on the blood of another immortal because blood is blood, and powerful blood is the best of all.

      The sharing of blood is always intimate with a mortal, though it is a bittersweet and vicious intimacy. With another of our kind, it is a link of bodies and minds. We can draw blood from one another at the same time, and fill the head of the other with pretty visions and heated thoughts. The pleasure is without question. It is a rapturous union of body and mind as much as any mortal coupling.

  2. …to drink out of a blood bag (pejorative nickname for human beings aside).

    Oh Marius that made me laugh out loud, which garnered me a discerning look from another patron of the coffee shop I was in. Good thing I hadn’t taken a drink of my dirty chai yet, it would have been all over.

    It is as I expected then, I remember reading that one must stop drinking before the heart stopped but I could not recall if it was a matter of preference or necessity.

    Separated from the beating of a living heart, warm and alive, I think blood consumed from a bag would have the same effect as dead blood taken directly from a body: it would make us sick and possibly kill some immortals,

    We also put things in the blood to keep it from clotting so that we may infuse it, which I would haphazard wouldn’t hurt you but might not taste good. If this blood bag could be poisonous for you I will most definitely keep it far from you then, but what are we to do if you are thirsty then?

    It would be interesting to watch; in my mind I see the vampire blood cells with a little set of fangs attaching to the red blood cells of the human cells and slowly taking it in and becoming swollen with it’s mass. Then all of a sudden the phases of mitosis happen and then there are two vampiric cells on the hunt. I know it’s a strange place, my mind…Thank you for indulging it.

    1. It is an absolute matter of necessity. The moment the heart begins to strain, we must draw back. Also, putting blood in a cup and then handing it to us will not satisfy our hunger or need. Quite disgusting, as a matter of fact.

      We also put things in the blood to keep it from clotting so that we may infuse it, which I would haphazard wouldn’t hurt you but might not taste good. If this blood bag could be poisonous for you I will most definitely keep it far from you then, but what are we to do if you are thirsty then?

      It definitely would not hurt us, but the taste may be strange or entirely unwelcome. If I am thirsty, I can easily overcome it. Blood is not such a necessity for me as it is for those who are younger and still have quite a ways in immortalising the body. Though I hardly starve. I can satiate my hunger with small and pleasurable drinks. Everyone stays alive and I go home feeling warm and satisfied.

      Blood cells with fangs? Well, it is an amusing mental image.

      1. Blood is not such a necessity for me as it is for those who are younger and still have quite a ways in immortalising the body. Though I hardly starve. I can satiate my hunger with small and pleasurable drinks. Everyone stays alive and I go home feeling warm and satisfied.

        Small and pleasurable drinks?

        Would you or do you have that one (or few) close friend whom you’d spend time with, whether its at his or her home, or out socializing, that you would drink from? Of course they would be aware of it and willingly give you those “small and pleasurable drinks” you speak of. Without any conflict ever.

        Or do you always go out and meet someone new – a person you would probably not see again, – and drink from them and have this said person not be aware of it?

        1. Frick, I forgot to add an important detail. Said close friend, or ‘someone new’; I was referring to them being mortals.

        2. I do not have close mortal friends, though even if I did, I would not reveal my nature to them. Certainly never ask for their blood. I would want them to think me like any other human man, which is impossible, so I do not attempt friendship. In any case, I do not harm my friends. Armand was the only human to truly understand my nature, and I fed from his blood not to feed my hunger, but as an act of sexual intimacy. I prefer that the humans I feed from do not know me, and remember me only as a sweet and fleeting memory.

          Though I wonder if some of our kind would consider taking in a human if only to feed from them. A willing and lovely human to give blood, not death, and save the vampire from having to kill each night. I imagine this would take a heavy toll on the human body. Eventually, they would go mad.

      2. I am glad you said it, when I read and saw that little spectacle Lestat did, (the blood in the cup) I had the same reaction. It seemed so melodramatic, but there again I think that fits Lestat.  I would think that it would be much more pleasurable to drink from the source, so to speak.  To feel the flesh beneath you and the smell of their skin while you embraced.  If it were me I would hope I could do as you do and leave them alive, charmed, and as content as I no doubt would be. 

        If I may, how do you chose who to drink from? I mean to say, do you have a certain type that you prefer?  If so is it based on appearance, what you feel from them, their scent, or something entirely different?

        1. He does love melodrama, and Louis was really quite frustrating for him. Lestat has never been the type to suffer for extended periods of time, as you well know, because he sees no lasting purpose in it. To watch someone choose to suffer is strange to him. And so in his frustration he acts out.

          It is far better to embrace the source, and not to suffer unduly for it. One need not kill “indiscriminately,” or to think that in killing we are acting in any way like God or as angels of judgement. We kill because we must, and it does us no good to suffer a crisis of the soul on account of our being.

          I decide by look alone because it is an intimate act, and I would not embrace someone unless I felt drawn to them intimately. When I kill, I do not care. I find a bad person and feed from them. But when I select my small drinks, I select beautiful men and women who appeal to me in appearance. That way, the embrace is all the more sweet and pleasurable for me.

  3. And so in his frustration he acts out.

    Will he ever grow up?!

    In regards to your response to Jaz: I am glad then that you chose to have a place where we all can talk with you.  I speak for myself, of course, but from our conversations here I am  glad to count you as a friend no matter if your a man, a vampire, or both.  For me it’s who you are that matters most, not what you are.

    1. A wise consideration, my dear. Consider a person for what they are worth, not what they are or may be. Everyone has something to give.

      To answer your question: no. I think there is a part of Armand that is stunted. Or rather, regressed and then failed to redevelop into something meaningful. This part is his capacity to feel things like empathy and sympathy. Armand had it once, most certainly. He was by far a most loving and affectionate boy, and the millions of kisses and sweet words we shared are all testament to that. In his pain, in his great loss, he abandoned those emotions and forgot how to get them back. Now he does not even want to.

      1. This isn’t strictly about blood per se but rather the effect thereof.  I was wondering (as I often do) if at the time a person was changed and they had dyed hair, would their hair then forever be that color? If so I feel bad those who have chosen the lively yet unfortunate colors of fuchsia or electric blue.  It may be all the rage now but might be hard to conceal as fashion changes, I know there have been some color choices in my past I would not redo.  If you will indulge me one other musing, however I think I know the answer to this; once the vampiric transformation is complete if one attempts to dye this more resilient hair would the dye actually take?

        1. The hair would return to its natural state and color when made, I imagine. Immortal skin is a fascinating and strange thing. You see, dirt does not stick to us– and when I say us, I mean those immortals who have skin that has hardened. You can take ash and spread it on me, but it will not stick. We remain immaculate, even in the dirtiest of conditions. Our clothes can become soiled, our hair knotted, but our skin will never be stained with filth. Since my hair, though part of me, does not harden in the way my skin does, it is of a different substance. A more permeable substance than my actual flesh,as it will always be even when my skin is pore-less marble. The dye would take, but my natural hair color would return the next night.

  4. Please bear with me on this, but I couldn’t help but to be fascinated by this discussion and led to a question of my own, if I may.. It is a far out question, but curiosity is knocking again.

    It seems the transformation that human blood undergoes once it is transmitted to a vampiric body is filtered and made into “super blood”, and what I mean is that this blood is perfect in every way. It can heal scars, heal wounds, cuts, so on and so forth… Say the blood of an Immortal was pumped into a human who was sick or dying, not through a wound or through the mouth, but into an artery… would that blood sustain the human for a few more years?

    Or would it make the mortal go mad? That power, that perfection… could a mortal even handle such a transfusion?

    Perhaps the answer to the fountain of youth, cancer, and many other illnesses could truly be found in the miraculous blood of vampires. Then again, I could have totally lost my marbles in even thinking of this. :p

    1. The blood would perhaps do more than sustain the mortal for a few more years. It could cure the mortal of their ailment.

      I know this from experience, of course. Once I was able to bring Armand back from the brink of death with my blood. Though I could not save him when he needed it most. When I made him, it was because he was too far gone, too close to death, for my blood to bring him back unless we made the transformation complete. Not even my blood could cure the corruption of poison in his fragile human body.

      Our blood is very powerful and that is why humans should never have it. It would be given with the intent to do good, but human nature is not good. Very soon, the blood would be used as a weapon. I know this, and that is why I give my blood sparingly. I have only given my blood to Order of the Talamasca that they may then study and learn more about us.

      Madness is relative and I am inclined to think personal disposition has a lot to do with what happens to the mind. Daniel went quite mad frothe blood, as so most mortals. To have that kind of power and sight, the hearing, the strength, is at once wonderful and terrifying. Yet then consider Armand. I fed him a lot of my blood. Initially, to cure him of a fever, but then it became a normal feature in our nightly lovemaking. He never went mad. But you cannot leave something half in darkness. Once a mortal is introduced, they must be inducted completely.

      1. What I find so interesting and beautiful about the relationship that yourself and Armand shared is how you gave him the blood in small doses when he was a mortal. You took from him, you punished him, but then you gave back in so many ways. It intrigues me how you introduced Armand to the dark trick in steps. 🙂

        I feel for those vampires out there who were thrust into the dark trick without any sort of “warm up” to that much power. And especially those who have no initial bond with the vampire who made them, no love, no lust, just confusion and inevitably hatred…then onto the mortal death and the transformation.

        1. I hope that you do not mind, but I have chosen to address your two statements in posts of their own.

  5. I have a question. I am obviously not a biology major (or science major for that matter), but does animal blood have the same effect on immortals as human blood? Or is it different? What makes animal blood different? Is it because it is not that complex as human blood? If I recall in Interview, Lestat slit open a rat, poured the blood in a glass, and pushed it to Louis. Wouldn’t that technically be “dead” blood?

    1. Animal blood is not as satisfying as human blood. I have never met a vampire who preferred the taste of animal blood to humans. We are creatures meant to feed on the blood of human beings, and nothing else. For one, animals are very small in general and have less blood. Drinking animal blood is like drinking water to stave off hunger. It may take the edge off for a short period of time, but it will never satisfy and you will starve.

      And yes, that would be “dead” blood, which is why Louis promptly spit it back out.

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