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  1. Horror films are one of the main reasons Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I too love them and they are everywhere during October. Some of my guilty pleasures are Tales from the Crypt, B-films as well, anything with zombies(my favorite is Resident Evil) and I have always been a fan of Poe and Hitchcock. I think a good measure of a scary movie is if by the end of the film I have curled my feet under me, my heart is racing, and I am afraid to move. I also love going to haunted houses. Do you also like psychological thrillers?

    I don’t think it’s truly horror but definitely gory at times (lots of blood play) but are you a fan of the series Dexter? My friends and I have an annual Dexter party to start off the season, each year gets more elaborate and fun.

    1. I do love Tales from the Crypt. I keep meaning to buy the boxsets, but I always get sidetracked with other immediate purchases. Recently, I met the man who did the voice of the Crypt Keeper at a horror convention.

      Do you watch the Walking Dead?

      By haunted houses, do you mean the fake ones that people construct for fun or truly haunted houses? I love a real haunted house. They are dark and quiet and I can wander in the dark breathing deeply.

      I have never watched Dexter, and now I will have to.

  2. B-rated horror films on Netflix are the best creations known to man. Have you watched the movie about the Jack Frost snowman? I thought it was quite amusing, and not the least bit scary. But that’s why B-rated horror films have their charm.

    Are you a fan of Joss Wheaton? (sp?) Cabin in the Woods was pure genius.

    1. Yes, I have seen Jack Frost. Gloriously bad and full of plot holes, but that was what made of the absurdity of it even more entertaining.

      I am not a Joss Whedon fan in particular, though I have seen and enjoyed some of his work. I thought the last bit of Cabin in the Woods was the best, with all of the monsters. I wish the movie was more of that and less teenagers doing silly things in the woods in typical horror movie fashion.

      1. The curtains in Jack Frost were horrendously ugly. Do you remember what they looked like? (Random question, I know). Also, his voice made me laugh. A lot.

        Have you noticed (or maybe it’s just me), that sex is often punished in horror films. Teenagers have sex, and then they die. Our society is still so Puritanical, even if we don’t realize it.

        1. The curtains were horribly quaint, like something in a grotesque country cabin.

          Society can be rather prudish, but in addition it is also quite sexist. How many leading women do you see beyond thin and pretty?

  3. Goodness, I’m a little surprised to hear you’re a fan horror. Have you seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, by any chance? It’s one of my favorite movies of the genre, and one of the few I like that isn’t also a comedy.
    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s one of the best B horror movies you’ve seen? And have you seen any Z movies?

    1. I certainly have seen The Thing. The scene with the dog is what sticks out in my mind the most, always. Horror movies are so wonderfully creative. Though it is inescapable to come across a volley of horribly made zombie movies these days.

      There is a recent movie called The Bay that I watched, which I quite liked.

      What is a Z movie?

  4. You met the Crypt Keeper?! I am so envious right now!!! I do the same with the boxsets.

    Oddly enough I haven’t watched the Walking Dead yet. I have had so many people tell me I would enjoy it though. Since I record just about everything I didn’t hear about it till just recently so now I must rent it and start at the beginning. Do you watch it?

    I was talking about the fake ones, but not the hokey kind. The best one to date was out in the desert. It started with a golf cart ride that was cut short when blank rounds from a machine gun where being shot at you, so naturally your reaction was to duck and run for cover. There you were met with a masked man trying to cut you up with a real chainsaw. Once inside the actors where phenomenal and the makeup was movie worthy. As far as the real kind, the house I spent most of my childhood in was haunted. As was my neighbors house that I would frequent for babysitting. So I am no stranger to the real kind as well. I can honestly say I never have thought of going to a real haunted house for fun. I might have to try it…as long as the inhabitants are not hostile. Do you find haunted houses calming, is that why you can breathe deeply?

    Oh please do watch Dexter I think you will enjoy it. In honor of Dexter we do some blood splatter (the fake kind) followed by trivia. We play for a belt that reads: Certamen Dexterous Permaximum.

    1. I try to watch the Walking Dead regularly, but I often times find myself too busy at night, and so I miss it occasionally. Though I enjoy the show very much, so I do catch myself up when I can. I find it more compelling than most zombie genre films because there is a much larger “human” presence. It is rather a story of how people exist in a world that has, as they know it, ended, replaced by something horrific and grotesque. Movies try to do this, but they are naturally limited by their length.

      For me, fear is an interesting feeling. Instead of fleeing in the face of fear, or being shaken by it, I find that I enjoy it. Because it is an intense emotion that people take for granted and try to avoid. The natural adrenaline rush is also quite pleasant.

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