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Submitted: Mirrors

Witaj Mariusu, only recently I have found your Journal and have been reading it since I had a car accident and I am temporary immobilised with fracture of few vertebras in my neck. There are plenty of topics on your side and I haven’t managed to read through all of them yet but working on it:) so please forgive me if my question covers one of your earlier posts. I ve read your description in Armands, Lestats and Pandoras books but I’ve been wondering what do You see when you look into mirror? Z wyrazami szacunku Maya. PS As you probably noticed english is not my first language so I will appreciate if you could point out all the mistakes that I made otherwise I will probably repeat them

I see a strange thing in the mirror– a strange but fascinating creature that is both me and yet not. It is me, undoubtedly, because it has all of my features. But is not my very being, my blood and substance, composed of something foreign. This foreign entity in my body, which gives me immortality and eternal youth, is part of what I see. I see it in the smoothness of my forehead, the pale pink of my lips, and vanished smile lines. These features are not mine, no. They are shared by an evil, hungry being.

I avoid mirrors.

3 thoughts on “Submitted: Mirrors

  1. That makes perfectly sense. Why do you think love other vampires to look at her/himself into the mirror? Simply vanity? Or do you think they don´t look close enough?

  2. I thought it was about time to come visit your journal once more. I’m wondering something Marius, are you able to show emotion on your face?

    Do you avoid mirrors because of that evil, hungry being? Or because of the lack of smile lines and age spots? And just for the record, your unchanging skin and form would easily be the subject of envy among many of the stars in Hollywood. -Smiles-

  3. I have pitty for the mirrors, for I am sure even they long for your reflection. (I paid attention when Pandora described you; I trust her assessment 😉

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