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Submitted: Prince Lestat?

I am curious what your thoughts are on this new up coming book about to be released upon the world in October? Apparently you’re in it along with a few others. I’m not too fond of the title myself but I’ve read a synopsis of the book on amazon.com it was interesting. Hope you are well, It doesn’t appear you’ve been here in a while. This is my first time posting to you here actually. I have dropped in from time to time to read. Sort of hovering on the outside as it were. Funny that the news of a new book inspires me to speak. It is what it is.

I desperately wish that the chronicles had ended as they were intended over a decade ago. But unfortunately Lestat can only remain in the shadows for so long before his very soul begs for attention and notoriety. I imagine silence is painful for Lestat.

I am indeed in the novel, but I take issue with how my actions and feelings are portrayed, having not written them myself. I feel betrayed that I have been, in a mere few pages, stripped of my dignity.

Even now I wonder why I made the decisions I did. Was it out of desperation? I’ve never trusted Lestat, and most definitely with my own life. He has displayed time and time again dangerous and suicidal despair. And now my eternity is determined by the most irresponsible of us all. It should have gone to an elder. One who has proven strong against the tests of time and loss. What becomes of us if Lestat decides he wants to take another stroll in the sun? I shudder to think.

I do not trust Lestat. He has betrayed me far more than he has ever gained my trust.

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  1. You say that you feel you weren’t correctly portrayed. Will you tell me then, these events from your perspective? Isn’t that the point of a blog or a website like this, to provide insight into one’s true feelings?
    On a bit of a side note, I actually quite enjoyed ‘The Prince Lestat’ as a book.

  2. Thank-You for the reply.

    I read the book after asking this question. Lesson learned, never ever judge a book by an amazon synopsis and never ever buy into the hype. I absolutely hated the book. I didn’t agree with any of the character portrayals including Lestat’s. My own thought is the book was a fan fiction written by Anne herself with no basis in truth of any kind. Between the weird science lab vampire porn, the random”oh let’s break into a waltz because why not?” And don’t even get me going on Rose. And what was up with the gardening? Suddenly you’ve taken up gardening? And the iPhone selfies? Really? Vampires taking selfies? C’mon man. Then all the random new guys popping in for no reason they’re just there..plot decorations maybe? I agree it should have ended decades ago.

    1. And I assure you that much of it is made up. I hire people to garden for me, and why would I put my art on decrepit walls? Also, I have been studying our blood under microscopes and with medical equipment since those technologies were invented. I have taken not a single selfie, I can promise you that. Daniel, however, does. Some of the book did occur, but the rest was grievously embellished. Lestat does carry the core, but despite what the book proclaims, I was adamantly against it because he has never proven himself responsible enough to carry such a burden. I argued that it should be me, not out of hubris, understand, but because I am the only one who knows the burden of its power. Lestat is not truly immortal– he has tried to die too many times. My fate rests in his hands. I am truly immortal– I shall never desire death.

      However, there is some truth. Daniel and I are together, and I did have the fortune to meet my maker. I supposed to make it more “exciting, Rice felt she had to add in her own plots, though all they did was make the book less readable and very offensive to those such as me.

      1. Why don’t you just kill Lestat, then? Gather a group and murder him? It seems like it would be a safer bet than to trust him not to step out into the sun again.

        1. Alas, we love him. He possesses powerful blood and powerful allies. I could never rob Lestat of his life no matter how I loathe him or am endangered by it.

      2. Ah I see. Yes I did have that thought myself that you should have taken the core.

        Lestat is reckless.

        I love him but I don’t for a second delude myself about him.

        It’s a difficult book to wrap one’s head around and to extract what little truth there actually is in it.

        I am intrigued though, you studied vampire blood under a micro scope? I’m curious to know what you found. How much different is it to human blood? Are there extra chromosomes? Are the blood cells shaped any differently?


  3. The book Prince Lestat was indeed a total disappointment. (Luckily a friend brought me the book for Christmas so I didn’t pay for it. Wasn’t worth that twenty something and something cents!) And I agree, that Lestat, well isn’t responsible enough to be ”Prince of the Vampires.” You know who should be the leader of the vampires, you Marius. I wonder how it would be like….King Marius of the Vampires, or maybe Emperor Marius. Hopefully this does not sound cheesy, but….. *dun dun duh!*

    Oh and may I say a random thing *silence* I guess.. I’ll take that as a yes!
    I LOVE YOU MARIUS! *sighs and hugs* Okay I feel so much better now. Thank you, Master.

  4. I bought both the book and the audio book. I never really got to sit down and read it with my school and work schedule, but I did listen to it in my car and I will say that their were a few times that I just glared at my cd player like “what? Why? What did I buy?! I’m pretty sure all of this is a bad idea!” I actually found a meme recently on tumblr that referred to it. Very funny. But yeah, I felt a bit upset with book overall… nothing like I expected..
    Considering you said much of the material was fabricated, what about Victor? Was he also just to add fluff to the story? Or if not, how do you feel about that situation? Should vampires be allowed to create a hybrid species like that? Or do you think it could turn out to be harmful? Sorry, I’m just full of questions.

  5. I never finished Prince Lestat. And I must say I ignore it totally. But…you sound very aggressive, is something happen I should know?

  6. Dear God, Prince Lestat was literally torture! I couldn’t finish the book. It was boring, it was slow, there was no plot or at least I didn’t get the plot. A lot of stupid stuff happened and Lestat was acting all weird. I especially hate all the stupid new characters that nobody cares about and they all consumed the novel making it a total waste of time. As fans we we guaranteed that the new book we were all waiting for had all a beloved favorite characters. What a total lie! Then the whole Victor thing didn’t make any sense, he just pops out of nowhere, like; ”Hey Lestat, I’m your son!” And Louis only appeared in like flashbacks or something and in the end, well I think. I don’t remember, but whatever terrible book. Then the part that was so emotionless it scared me, the part where Maharet and Mekare died. I actually cried because it was so emotionless. Lestat was like, ”So what they’re dead?” And I agree, the whole book seemed like a really, really cheesy fanfiction that made no sense. I’ve read way better fanfictions than this book. And dear God, that stupid Rose and Gardner (or whatever his name) part….eww. Then that lab thing with Lestat and What’s Her Face..made me nearly vomit, too much information and EWWW!!! Please just don’t even describe it!

    I hate this book so much, I kind of want to do what Louis does when he’s angry, burn stuff. Damn it, I knew I should have listened to all those 1-star comments on Goodreads. I regret reading the book and kissing the cover in joy when I first got it.
    And Marius I’m very sorry this stupid book had to be that way. Did you tell Anne Rice how you feel about it? If it’s true that Anne Rice will be writing a sequel to that disgusting book make sure that she writes it better, please. Save us all from any more horror. I’m begging you. I could just go on and on about why I hate this book so much. I think I’m going to stop here before I write out a whole essay.

    ~ Venus

  7. I read it, and Realms of Atlantis too. All I can say is that I think Lestat had nothing to do with those two books unless he was writing about what was going on in his head while he slept in the chapel, after Memnoch.

    You know Marius, you may wish to consider that possibility and, if that’s the case, I fear our beloved Lestat may have experienced a bit of psychosis there – perfectly understandable of course but, don’t blame him for what his mind did without his permission.

    1. To his credit, and withholding my own judgment, Lestat has been through a great deal. He’s been the receiver of many truth changing events, and I think any of this could singularly drive a person, indeed even an immortal, mad.

    2. I thought the same thing when I read the last two books. They don’t read like the others, and don’t ring true. They seem more fanciful.

      1. A lot of it is theoretical. Lestat’s various entanglements with other vampires? Those are all very true. He has made a lot of enemies, and not many are favorable to any leadership helmed by Lestat, even if he is more of a figurehead than an actual leader. And I think it is wise not to necessarily trust the leadership of someone who has, in the past, been so reckless. But he does have his charm.

        To the point, aliens? Fantastical. I can barely wrap my head around ghosts and werewolves, though you’d think I would be used to the supernatural by this point. I suppose fairies are next. Has anyone met a fairy yet? I can’t keep track of these things.

        1. I couldn’t really believe that you all would choose Lestat for your leader, not in light of his destructive and impulsive nature, beloved though he may be. I shake my head at most of the things he does and even I still love him. He’s so easy to forgive for some reason. But I was wondering about Rhoshamandes. Did he really kill Maharet and Khayman? What ever became of him? And did the burning really occur? What about Quinn and Mona? I hope they’re still around. Does Lestat still hold the core, or was Amel really set free? Sorry if/that I’m bombarding you.

          Oh, and I’ve heard stories of people who claim to see fairies. One man in particular (I forget his name) claims that he stepped into a circle of wild mushrooms and was taken to the seelie court. He wrote a book which I’m anxious to read. Not that I believe in fairies.

          Do you know of any other supernatural creatures that roam the earth?

        2. Sadly, Rhoshamandes did kill Maharet and Khayman. This much in the tale is true, and I miss their wisdom tremendously. I envied Maharet for her knowledge, the history she carried in her head, though I do not envy her pain. I cannot give too much away as I do not want to spoil the next book, which comes out in October.

          I have met werewolves, ghosts, spirits. Yet I have never encountered an angel, a demon, or a God.

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