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Submitted: Random question from a health freak

After reading Armand’s book and really thinking about the time line in which it took place, I started wondering how you managed to keep all your kids healthy and… well just not sick? That time period did run close with the black death didn’t it? I may be wrong and have my dates mixed up, but still curious.

You are not mixed up in your chronology– the Bubonic Plague ravaged Europe well into the 17th century, and continues to infect those mainly in the developing world. Venice experienced its worst outbreak in the 1600s, but we were by no means immune to the spread of the Black Death in the 14th and 15th centuries. We were a trade city, after all, with large volumes of ships sailing back and forth, some full of half dead or already dead rats and their bloated, infected fleas ready to find a human host.

I would never let my precious boys die such terrible deaths. I would not endure to see them suffer the fever and swelling of the Bubonic plague, or the slow drowning in one’s own lungs of the pneumonic plague, or the unstoppably deadly septicemic plague.

I kept them healthy with one occasional gentle kiss to the lips, and them not at all aware that the gentle moisture of my lips was anything but human. I could smell the corruption, you see, and I healed it. Just enough blood, yes, to keep my sick boys safe and healthy, but never enough to give them the power that Amadeo was given when he drank copious amounts of my blood. None of them had vision or cravings, and none experienced heightened senses of any sort. My kisses were innocent.

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