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Submitted: The New Movie Adaptation

If Hollywood by a miracle, actually does make a new series of Vampire Chronicles movies, who would you want to have the role of you, Marius? I'm just curious and I think it would be somewhat difficult to find a perfect Marius since the actor has to look noble and kind.(like you šŸ™‚ ) And also why would you want that person to play you?

My hope is that the writers find a way in which to remove me from the storyline completely. I tire of these decades of overexposure and watching others play me and fail to understand my intricacies. I do not think anyone can play me. Most men who are of a noble and kind disposition are much older than I am in human years. Call it vanity, but I do not want an older man playing me. I’m only an estimated (changes in calendars complicate things) 34 or 35. The actors they give me are decades older than I am. It’s bothersome because I am vain.

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  1. Is that a temptation to play yourself, I see in those words Marius? If a film were being made, you could do it. Shadow of the Vampire is an entertaining film… call it research!

    Welcome back to this ethereal home, by the way… good to see you writing your thoughts again.

    1. They would find it quote odd that I could only act at night. Character acting, perhaps? I have seen Shadow of the Vampire–quite a funny movie. Yet what you speak is truth. The only man I want playing me in a movie would be me. No one else would be able to portray me accurately simply because they do not know me. As few actually do.

  2. Hello Master Marius! It’s finally get to meet you! No, it’s an honor to meet you! I’m so happy that you’ve answered my question. I truly appreciate it. And to be honest a Vampire Chronicles movie isn’t always the same without a Marius though. But you do have a point.
    And I love you Marius! šŸ™‚
    ~ Venus

    1. Perhaps I am made bitter by the previous poor representations of myself. And I believe I am beyond the point of wanting any notoriety. I want the more simple things, and that is not for my life, my emotions, and my sufferings to be made real on a big screen.

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