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  1. Hello Marius, I’ve been away from the internet and your blog for quite some time, and have some catching up to do. I hope you are well, and may I ask about this bat? I’m curious. It’s morbid for me to look at and wonder, but also very fascinating.

    1. I found a young woman selling a real and complete skeleton of a bat. It is hard to find a complete skeleton as the bones are very tiny, especially in the wings, and break quite easily. This is a complete skeleton. It cost me a mere $100 in US currency. She glued it into an iron lantern and placed moss on the bottom. I use it as a table centerpiece.

      1. Hahaha. Yep, thats you.

        Where did you get it? Caught by yourself?

        Btw, will the forum be open some night?

        1. You know me too well, though it has been too long. Perhaps we can speak person to person soon?

          I did not catch it– I purchased it from a nice young lady for the reasonable price of $100.

          I am attempting to work on the forum. I need to recruit a few members willing to give us their time and talents. Or anyone who would simply want to read.

    1. It might be cliche, but I quite like bats and a complete skeleton is rare. Their bones, especially the ribs and wing, break easily.

  2. We know each other since 9 years. And I know you didn’t know that.

    You know, yes, I would love to. Tell me when you have time. A chat with you would be nice.
    Right now my work at the museum is quite boring. Its so hot so nobody is coming. And yes, right now Im at work with my phone. XD

    Hmm I should believe that? Maybe the Vampire Marius hunt it down and just dont wanna admit it?
    Who would sell it? A gothic gipsy girl?

    Well, I read it. My english is to bad for playing something
    But I can be a normal mortal, yes?

    (Now I’m very bold and I hope you will forgive me. Please, I don’t expect a perfect SR Armand but please…find a good one. I have read many Armand stuff on the Internet and they all are so cute, charming, innocent,maybe a bit nice- arrogant, a bit bold and bow and such stuff. …I think you know what I wanna say….)

    See you soon

    1. You know I adore you and love you, and I would rather you than anyone else. Nine years means loyalty and friendship. I will email you my cell phone number.

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