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Submission: Mary Beard

From Helena

Hello Marius, Hmm Where to start? Forgive me if I seem a bit shy….but I-I feel I must take this opportunity to speak with you… However frightening yet exhilarating it is to me. Since discovering your internet home I have started several times to write to you only to delete what I have written instead of submitting. If you would indulge me I have a confession of sorts…I have dreamt of bumping into you at a café or the symphony and we then share a night, or several, in your library (A place I could happily get lost in) in which I could learn from you. Study your face as you read or tell me a story of your life that was not in your book… or just to feel your energy. See now why I have deleted my writings, I give too much of myself away to you, and so soon. I have not created any challenge for you…I must be feeling bolder since I am even wanting to challenge you ☺Now my mind is running loose. I shall do my level best to reign it in. Please tell me are you familiar with Mary Beard? Sadly I have only just discovered her but I am quite enjoying her programs! Thus far my favorite is Rome: Empire Without End. Once I am through with university I will plunge headlong into her books. If you know of her, how do you find her works? How close is she to accurately depicting who the every day people of Rome were? Also what is your favorite spot in Rome and why? Bashfully yours, Helena

I adore the works of Mary Beard. My favorites are SPQR and Pompeii. My absolute favorite, without a doubt, is Fires of Vesuvius. I have read this book about 4 times already. She does not get enough credit for the work that she does, but it is hard for a woman to gain respect in a very male-dominated subject. The reason I enjoy Mary Beard so much is precisely because she is accurate and takes great care in her research. Some of my other favorites are Peter Heather and Adrian Goldsworthy.

My favorite part of Rome is the crumbling Forum. I stand in the middle and I can see it as it was in all of its magnificence. I do not see a place fallen to ruin, but a center of glory and power. I miss it, then, so terribly it feels like my heart is bring torn from my chest.

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