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Submitted: Mentor in Making

I feel for those vampires out there who were thrust into the dark trick without any sort of “warm up” to that much power. And especially those who have no initial bond with the vampire who made them, no love, no lust, just confusion and inevitably hatred…then onto the mortal death and the transformation.

Your point reminds me of my own transformation. I was given no real knowledge of what was to happen to me. I doubt Mael even truly knew how the “magic” I was to submit to against my will would work. My maker gave me the blood and his wisdom, and then we were parted. I was then a new vampire thrust into a surreal and dramatic stream of events, going up against ancient blood Gods to steal the original fount. There are times I reflect and tell myself, “Yes, you were utterly insane.” In those first years I was painfully ignorant, and I discovered all of my powers in strange, haphazard ways. I think I might have benefited from a mentor, as would we all when we come into the blood.

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