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Submitted: Armand’s fate

You say you blame yourself for the way Armand turned out. How can you place that on yourself for something Santiago and his satan vampires did to him? I’ve thought thousands of times what I could have done to save Armand. Should I have walked into his stinking crypt and demand he come with me? … Continue reading Submitted: Armand’s fate

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Submitted: Random question from a health freak

After reading Armand’s book and really thinking about the time line in which it took place, I started wondering how you managed to keep all your kids healthy and… well just not sick? That time period did run close with the black death didn’t it? I may be wrong and have my dates mixed up,… Continue reading Submitted: Random question from a health freak

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Submitted: Taking Care of Daniel

Marius, If it possible, please tell me more about the preresnt. Your relationship with Daniel – what kind of intimasy you meant. If there was no blood drinking, what there was? (if it’s very private question- don’t answer, I will understand) Daniel and I were brought together because we both needed each other. Let me… Continue reading Submitted: Taking Care of Daniel