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Submission: Art and Art History

Kat: With your recent return, I thought I’d take it upon myself and get the ball rolling (I won’t just be part of the party, I shall begin it). I will apologize in advance for my inquisitive nature. First let me begin that I am not just some history, art, and Latin geek. I have… Continue reading Submission: Art and Art History

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A Study of Celeste and Santiago

If you were to paint her [Celeste] again some night, I wonder what colors and designs you would use? Also, have you ever wanted to paint Santiago as well? Our skin makes a wonderful canvas, hard and smooth and tight like a piece of canvas stretched over wood. Immortal skin is not full of the… Continue reading A Study of Celeste and Santiago

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A Tourist Guide to Rome- Inscription

Rome is swamped with tourists all year, in chilly climes as much as in hot summer months when most people take their vacations. Other popular cities not so much, or at least not advised such, since a city like Venice can be a horrific smell in some heats, and flooded in certain seasons and therefore… Continue reading A Tourist Guide to Rome- Inscription

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Musei Vaticani

From September 7 through to October 26, the Vatican museum is scheduling night openings. These tours will be held from 7pm to 11pm every Friday night. I encourage everyone who can to take advantage of this. The Vatican at night is an entirely different unique and beautiful experience. From the Museu Vaticani website: Italian Dopo… Continue reading Musei Vaticani