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Submitted: Pseudonym

Why is Anne Rice your pseudonym? Why is she your representative? She could see us; through her pain and her doubt, she truly understood what we are and that we are not demonic, evil creatures meant to stay in the shadows out of shame of our monstrosity. That we are not all heartless predators of… Continue reading Submitted: Pseudonym

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A lesson in Old English

I am writing this about one of my (many) language pet peeves. I have a lot of them, yes, because I have had centuries to cultivate various linguistic dislikes. Tonight, we will turn our attention to one of my major pet peeves of Old English. Use of the word “ye” in anything meant to be… Continue reading A lesson in Old English

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Notes on Livy and Humour

One of the few sources we have on the subject of origins of Rome or the war with Hannibal is Livy. He was writing in a time when historical tradition was very much intertwined with mythology, so it was not considered “bad history” to recount legendary events or credit something with a mythological origin. This… Continue reading Notes on Livy and Humour