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Submission: Mary Beard

From Helena Hello Marius, Hmm Where to start? Forgive me if I seem a bit shy….but I-I feel I must take this opportunity to speak with you… However frightening yet exhilarating it is to me. Since discovering your internet home I have started several times to write to you only to delete what I have… Continue reading Submission: Mary Beard

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Submission: Art and Art History

Kat: With your recent return, I thought I’d take it upon myself and get the ball rolling (I won’t just be part of the party, I shall begin it). I will apologize in advance for my inquisitive nature. First let me begin that I am not just some history, art, and Latin geek. I have… Continue reading Submission: Art and Art History

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Submitted: The New Movie Adaptation

If Hollywood by a miracle, actually does make a new series of Vampire Chronicles movies, who would you want to have the role of you, Marius? I'm just curious and I think it would be somewhat difficult to find a perfect Marius since the actor has to look noble and kind.(like you 🙂 ) And… Continue reading Submitted: The New Movie Adaptation

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Submitted: Pseudonym

Why is Anne Rice your pseudonym? Why is she your representative? She could see us; through her pain and her doubt, she truly understood what we are and that we are not demonic, evil creatures meant to stay in the shadows out of shame of our monstrosity. That we are not all heartless predators of… Continue reading Submitted: Pseudonym