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Submission: Mary Beard

From Helena Hello Marius, Hmm Where to start? Forgive me if I seem a bit shy….but I-I feel I must take this opportunity to speak with you… However frightening yet exhilarating it is to me. Since discovering your internet home I have started several times to write to you only to delete what I have… Continue reading Submission: Mary Beard

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Translation: Varro, Dē Rē Rusticā 1.17

I find this following passage to be quite illuminating to the study of slavery in Rome, and the relative loss of humanity and human body/mind that the slave endured. The slave was not a person, but rather a speaking tool. “De fundi quattuor partibus, quae cum solo haerent, et alteris quattuor, quae extra fundum sunt… Continue reading Translation: Varro, Dē Rē Rusticā 1.17

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Translation: Ovid, away Cupid

Nullus amor tanti est —abeas, pharetrate Cupido!— ut mihi sint totiens maxima vota mori. vota mori mea sunt, cum te peccasse recordor, o mihi perpetuum nata puella malum! Ovid, Amores, Book II.V, The Latin Library Translation: No love is so great – Go away, Cupid’s quiver! – that often my greatest wish has been to… Continue reading Translation: Ovid, away Cupid