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Translation: Martialis, my dear

Of late, I have been reading a lot of Martial (Martialis). I find his crude prose and commentary amusing. His poems are quite good for understanding Roman sex and sexuality. For example, one may read his poems and come to understand that oral sex given to both man and woman was considered a passive act,… Continue reading Translation: Martialis, my dear

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Translation: Roman Romance

In celebration of this day of Love, I leave you all one of my favourite Roman phrases of romance. “Longa satis nunc sum; dulcī sed pondere venter sī tumeat, fīam tunc tibi zōna brevis.” – Martial Translation (with some liberties taken to make it attractive to the modern reader– Tanaquil will notice where I have… Continue reading Translation: Roman Romance

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A Tourist Guide to Rome- Inscription

Rome is swamped with tourists all year, in chilly climes as much as in hot summer months when most people take their vacations. Other popular cities not so much, or at least not advised such, since a city like Venice can be a horrific smell in some heats, and flooded in certain seasons and therefore… Continue reading A Tourist Guide to Rome- Inscription

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Those random life experiences

With the prodding of a few friends and my own restlessness, this summer I attended an LGBTQ festival, locally held and small in comparison to others held in cities like Toronto. When I first entered the park square where the Pride event was being held, an older woman with a bucket in her hand asked… Continue reading Those random life experiences

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Notes on Livy and Humour

One of the few sources we have on the subject of origins of Rome or the war with Hannibal is Livy. He was writing in a time when historical tradition was very much intertwined with mythology, so it was not considered “bad history” to recount legendary events or credit something with a mythological origin. This… Continue reading Notes on Livy and Humour