Master, Thou Art a Muse So Great- LILLITHJADE

Oh artist of the night,
Have you painted the sky with your colors?
Have you told the stars you are like no other?
My muse, my cohort, thou art my inspiration,
And my creativity lies within, and upon your
Breast, with your words it does not rest, but
Rather keeps growing, and producing,
Ever more fertile,

Did you know it? Did they tell you when thou was born,
Whether to darkness or to life,
that you were, as you were

Then, and as you are now,
the finest of all creations?
Muse you are the greatest of paintings,
a living tribute to beauty’s name,
your skin is the product of the most divine
Brush strokes, your eyes, made of the finest,
and richest hues, your creator,
oh how he must have wept, for never has a more
Perfect, more striking, more lovely
being faced the day, and now
The night, the sun weeps as well,
for it has you not to grace it’s gazes,
And the moon rejoices, and holds
banquets in your honor with light,

Gentle scholar of midnight lull,
shall I show you the truest of ravishing art?
Then I shall hold a mirror to you,

so you may look upon your face.
Your beauty is not without acumen,
for your mind is equaled to it,
And your mind is an endless cavern
of wisdom, filled with ripened, sage truths,
memories of golden times, Gods of havoc,
and ancient loves, golden is your mind,
for a treasure so vast has yet to be found,
a mind that speaks in leaps and bounds,
rather than slow in paced steps,
the greatest of all great,
the wisest of wisest thinkers
Pay homage to you, for challenge,
and intellect can soar no higher,

When it is that I speak to you I am sanctified,
for true fascination blessed comes
To transpire, and oh how I sit,

like a wee child then, and look to you with widened
Eyes, for I wish to drink your knowledge,
and be part protégé, and part aficionada,
Saints all betrayed, I turn to you for
dreams to dream of, for violet skies, and
darkened lands, damp with night’s new mist, to envision,

I light a candle, and the flames dance with
the shadows on my wall, it seems even
Mere shapes can hold something of beauty,
for you taught me the greatest beauty of
Them all, you, with selfishness cast down
to hell, you lent me your ear, and listened
Then with tender silence,
You my master of masterpieces,
Master of the arts,
Master thou art a muse so great,
That canvas, brush, easel,
even paint tremble in your wake…



A dark Devil of Sweetest Devine
you lay in waiting biding your time.
Your eyes show the distant miles
The longing, the pain, the endless smiles.
You travel at night
keeping all at Bay
A swiftness of flight
before the Day.
You sit by the roaring fires of hell
closing your mind to the all who sell.
hearing the cry, the plead of sin
begging to die, to burn within.
Take me now for I demand
my soul you hold in your hand.
Cherish it lightly, don’t let it go
for one day it will glow.
The sweetest of wines
to thee I give
Taste of me, Forever we live.



I am here
you have called
I come to you
through young & old.

My flesh is white
our eyes a blaze
my endless anger
a simple gaze.

You seek what i have
this be true
you do not know
you have no clue.

One touch of my hand
will make you quiver
you wish for Death
your soul I deliver.

I take from you
no fight you show
my kiss of Death
you recieve the NO.

I want you badly
for this I won’t
to be me is wrong
I beg you *don’t*


Untitled- Pandora

She’ll go ahead, sad dishevelled captive,
all pale, except for her wounded cheeks.
Lips bruised black would have been more apt
and love-bites marking her neck.
Lastly, if I had to act like a swollen torrent,
and my blind anger make her my prey,
wouldn’t it have been enough to shout at the frightened girl,
or thunder away with harsh threats,
or shamefully tear her tunic from throat to waist?
– Only her waistband would have felt my strength.
Instead I held her by the hair I grabbed at her brow
marked those delicate cheeks with cruel nails.
She stood there, stupefied, with pale and bleeding face,
as if cut from everlasting Parian marble.
I saw her terrified body, her limbs trembling –
like a breeze blowing through the poplar leaves,
or a soft west wind troubling the slender reeds,
or the tips of the waves touched by a warm southerly:
at length, the brimming tears flowed down her face,
as water runs from the melting snow.
Then for the first time I began to realise her hurt –
the tears I had made her shed were my blood.
Three times I tried to kneel at her feet in supplication:
three times she pushed away those repulsive hands.


Master- Tia

Hair as golden and white as the sun and the clouds,
tall as a tree which is stand so true and proud.
Red as the color of passion and fire,
you are the reason of his endless desire.

Skin as white as snow, eyes blue as the sky,
You slain the evildoer with all your might,
never feeding on the innocent, never seeing them wither and die.
Soft voice, still hearing in the wind,
calling for your cherub to come and your friendship returns and begins.

Our beautiful Marius, our eternal one,
so proud and wise, yet so handsome.
Our beautiful Marius, our beauty,
Our vampiric master, so seductive.

Wise as a old owl who had stand by all night,
its seem like you have been around since the beginning of time.
Your talents spread like a wings of a crow,
flying high into the sky, look how they soar.

Your knowledge never left, neither did your composure,
you’re with us, no matter what, that’s what I am sure of.
I write this from the heart, for all you have done for all of us,
you’re Amadeo’s master, you’re the one who we can love and trust.


Marius- Janine

Come for me master make me new
fill my soul with love I cry for you
bring me into your longing embrace
make me yours make me beauty
Let me understand your lessons
Rescue me from this place
Deliver me away to your love
This I ask of you my dark lord
I cry for you
I want to be something more that a mere human
although to you nothing holds more grace
I would be your companion forever if you wished
I would never leave your beautiful side
Don’t leave me to die in this waste
I want to live forever in your grace
I wish to see your magnificent face
o master my lord I wish now only to be with you

Marius- Allysian

I see you
standing alone
as do I.
Cursed with
this blessing:
a restless mind.
Never content
just to be,
you must know.
With you
I share
this fate.

Marius- Fata Morgana

“Exalt the man who holds the artist’s brush
For it is he who mirrors our lovely world
With omniscient eye and tender touch,
We are made with dabs and strokes and swirls.
Oh Marius, you have witnessed so much strife
More than any man should ever see
Why else would you, great master of the night,
Depict our images so lovingly?
Indulge the awed mortal, eternal muse
Who thinks that Venus lent to you her eyes
And when she stops each day to think of you
Feels again like a child of age five
Even the mighty Keltoi did weep
Upon viewing the new god which they did seek.”

Note: All poems here are as received and have not been edited.

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