This is by no means an exhaustive and complete collection of all the wonderful graphics that have been made for me over the years. I have associated with so many generous people, and unfortunately lost a great deal of the graphics given to me, or else no longer have a record of who has given me certain images. Please, if you see something you have made me, use the contact form on the right sidebar and let me know so that I can give you proper credit and gratitude.

Created by belleraven

Created by Chevalier d’epees

Created by Des

Created by Fantine

Created by Fianna

Created by Lady of the Night

Created by Lostvamp

Created by Liz

Created by Meshiademoness

Created by Michael

Created by Stacy

Created by Tia

Created by Tmarie


By Salems-Little Sadist


Miss Johanna Barker

Rags and Runes– My name written in the Ogdhan alphabet

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