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Submitted: Pseudonym

Why is Anne Rice your pseudonym? Why is she your representative? She could see us; through her pain and her doubt, she truly understood what we are and that we are not demonic, evil creatures meant to stay in the shadows out of shame of our monstrosity. That we are not all heartless predators of… Continue reading Submitted: Pseudonym

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Submitted: Prince Lestat?

I am curious what your thoughts are on this new up coming book about to be released upon the world in October? Apparently you’re in it along with a few others. I’m not too fond of the title myself but I’ve read a synopsis of the book on it was interesting. Hope you are… Continue reading Submitted: Prince Lestat?

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Submitted: Random question from a health freak

After reading Armand’s book and really thinking about the time line in which it took place, I started wondering how you managed to keep all your kids healthy and… well just not sick? That time period did run close with the black death didn’t it? I may be wrong and have my dates mixed up,… Continue reading Submitted: Random question from a health freak