We were often times subject to Mael’s senseless jealousy without cause, but companions we were through history and through our ancient blood. Avicus was almost childlike; naive and little educated about the world. His want for knowledge was what opened me up to teaching, something I had never considered before. Avicus reached out for life with such great lust that I was drawn to him because I was man who had never felt any measurable passion for anything save one person. No. I was always far too level headed for passion. Avicus possessed a sweetness I had never personally known.

I have often wondered about the immortality he endured before Mael helped him escape his Druid grove; he had never spoken much to me about it, though on occasion he would murmur a comment or recollection. I can only imagine the suffering he felt when he was locked away in the divine tree, a God and tormented for it through starvation. It was the horror that I fled from, unendurable was even the very thought of such an eternity. What I had run from, Avicus had suffered for countless years.

I believe Avicus always admired and looked up to me though I can not imagine why. Everything about me, from my manner to my talents, charmed him speechless, yet I was as entranced by him.

I think about him now and then, but I have neither the will nor the desire to search for Avicus. Deep down in some untouched recess of me, I fear what I might find. Would the years have sharpened the edges drawn around him and destroyed all traces of the old sweetness and wonderment? Would he have even survived? I have survived the cruelties of the world because I was born with a sharp cynicism that Avicus, for all of his sufferings, never adopted. Yet years are cruel and merciless, and they care nothing for good souls and spirits.

We do have an eternity after all, and I am sure we will run into each other when the time is right for the both of us if he is still alive. Then perhaps we can be companions once again in this new era. I imagine we both have something to teach one another about survival.

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  1. Avicus is one I didn’t fully notice until reading “Blood and Gold” for a second time. But then he stepped out of the pages all the more clearly and left a deep impression. Your words about him match this impression.
    Why do you think he stayed with Mael for such a long time? Would you have even considered talking to Mael if it would not have been for Avicus?

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